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7 Exercises for Cancer Patients After the Treatment

Recovering from Cancer is not less than a second life but you need extra care to assure yourself that it will not come back. Some recent studies and researches showed that the right diet and exercise can prevent the cancer survivors from cancer recurring.  

Exercise not only prevents your body from the recurrence of cancer cells but also helps to recover from the side effects of Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy or surgery. Cancer Specialist and Experts suggest that the more we include ourself in some physical activity, the lesser will be the chances of getting cancer. Even if the cancer patients do some physical activity or exercise, their survival rate will get an increase.

Recent evidence showed that after completing the treatment if the patient has become overweight then he may not survive for long. After completing the breast cancer treatment, if the women do exercise then she can live longer and also have less chance of recurrence.


Hence, in today’s article, we are going to discuss with you the various exercises which every cancer survivor should do. So, here we go –


  1. Walking

After the cancer treatment, your body has become weak and you may feel more fatigue. In that situation, your body will not permit you to do the tough exercises. But definitely, you need to start from something rather than sitting ideal. So you can start walking which is easy, require minimum effort and keep you physically active. Any kind of physical activity even walking can improve your bodies ability to do the things well.

Exercise for Cancer Patient

  2. Running

Right after the treatment, running is not possible. But with the passage of time, slowly you can start running or jogging which will increase your heart rate. Running will help you in increasing your metabolism, decrease weight and make you active.

running Exercise for Cancer Patient





 3. Bicycling

Bicycling is also one of the easiest ways to lose weight and keep yourself physically active. Bicycling makes you feel better after going through the cancer treatment. You may not be able to do the 30-minute workout in starting, therefore start with 10 minutes.


4. Stretching 

Stretching is important to keep your body flexible and stretching is such which anyone can do. In the starting, you may not be ready to do the vigorous exercises but you can at least do the stretching to maintain the body’s flexibility.


5. Swimming 

Swimming is also one of the best exercises which helps you to lose weight and burn extra calories. It also lowers the risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes as well. After recovering from the side effects of cancer treatment, you can start swimming.


6. Weight Lifting 

After the cancer treatment, it has often seen that people lose muscle and gain fat. In order to build your muscles back, weightlifting is important.  Weightlifting not only helps you in strengthening your muscles but also in losing weight.


7. Yoga

Yoga is the perfect exercise for cancer patients. It helps in improving the physical, mental, and spiritual health of the patient. Also, Yoga is useful in eliminating different types of side effects like anxiety, fatigue, stress, and many others.

Exercise for Cancer Patient
Two old women sitting on exercise mat with their legs crossed and looking at each other smiling

Add-On Exercises for Cancer Patients

Apart from all the above exercises, there are few healthy habits which the patients must add to their daily routine for faster and healthy recovery. The Add-on Exercises for the cancer patients are as follows:


  • Go for a walk after dinner.
  • Have small dancing sessions.
  • Use Stairs instead of escalators or elevators.
  • Calculate the number of daily steps which you made with the help of pedometer.
  • Indulge yourself in games.
  • Wash your vehicle or scrub the bathroom.
  • Park your car in the farthest section, so that you can have a short walk before going to the office.


How to stick to the exercise program?

This is the most difficult thing to achieve that how a person can stick to the exercise program. Generally, the person feels lazy of exercising after two or three days. To handle this, follow the below-mentioned tips:


  • Set short term and long term targets.
  • Mix it well in order to keep the mind fresh.
  • Focus on having fun.
  • Always record your progress.
  • Follow a flexible routine.
  • Be patient with results.


So, follow all the above-mentioned tips for better health results. According to the American Cancer Society, the cancer survivors must practice exercise for at least 150 minutes a week that is 30 mins per day. It is suggested that the cancer survivors must perform exercises under the surveillance of a trainer or guide for better results.


In the above article, we have shared with you the number of exercises which are important for a cancer survivor to follow in order not to gain weight and build strength into the body to protect himself/herself from the side-effects of cancer treatments and also prevent cancer from recurring.


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