How LSD changes your brain?

The crazy effects of LSD on your brain 🙂

LSD called acid is the drug that affects your brain in different ways. The primary effects:

  1. Hallucination
  2. Other weird effects ( You know if you took LSD 😉 )


Please bear in mind we do not promote what we do know about LSD, but we’re sharing what we know. Let us know if you agree..


  1. LSD makes your parts of brain communicate which usually do not.

Normally your different parts of brain do not interact with each other, but LSD can make the interaction more than usual. Thus causing what we call Hallucinations.


lsd effects on brain


2. LSD can effect various receptors

People can lose their sense of self, and can make you feel that the outer world and the inner world are the same thing. The human being can lose the contact with body and reality. World is seen as a succession of images, with ideas and feelings. People have even described like transferring your consciousness from your body to outside world. Focus starts to increase on objects that surround you.



3. LSD boosts optimism, creativity and imagination

Many people claim that they became open to new ideas after several weeks of taking the dose of LSD. Researchers have been studying the positive effect of LSD for quite a long time now. Many artists admit that one of their greatest work was created after their intake of LSD. Well the argument can be made for caffeine too, it causes the same effect and it’s legal too 😛


4. LSD can hallucinate for upto 12 hours

This is a well known fact that lsd hallucination can last upto 12 hours, some people even claim that they can feel the effects even weeks after the intake. LSD does not get fixed with the digestive system but the serotonin receptors of the brain, thus reducing anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.


5. LSD can be used to treat life threatening sicknesses and death anxiety

Since this drug can help in diagnosing the anxiety, this might be used in curing the same. But since it’s very effective and other drugs are measured in grams, this might be measured in micro-grams i.e. 10^-6 grams 😛

Thus maintaining the uncertainty that it might be used as a new scientific tool.


6. LSD does not cause suicide or psychosis attacks

There has been found no connection between suicide and LSD, since it does not pose as a serious attacking drug. Even though it maybe the most powerful recreational drug on the planet. Although this can cause scary situations according to the mind of the consumer.


7. LSD can cause paranoia and panic attacks

LSD do have negative affects, it can lead to anxiety and mania, there can even be some sort of health problem since this is an illegal drug. It may unlock personality disorders, panic attacks and even depression. This may help in some areas but this is still a new field in science even after decades 🙂


lsd hallucination
lsd hallucination


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