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5 healthy food items to make your kid’s teeth healthy and stronger

The dental health of our kids is as important as their overall heath and you must look as seriously into it as you would any other heath issue. Kids that have good oral health perform better in the activities they participate in because they do not have to go through the pain in their mouth most of the time. The problem has become more serious in the kids today given their lifestyle and poor eating habits. There are more kids visiting the dentist, reporting some or the other dental problem. Cavities have become so common among them. Tooth decay has also become prevalent in the kids today.

So yes, the depreciating oral health is a serious concern because not only does it involve the kids teeth and gums but it can also have serious life-long effects on them. Dental issues can become bigger if they are not treated in time. A person must consider the dentist as soon as he notices something in the teeth.

You are not only supposed to look after their brushing schedule and their dental appointments but you also need to keep a check on what all they eat. What we consume has a huge impact on our teeth, so looking after the kids diet is important if you want to take care of their oral health.

Here is the list of food items that the kids can consume to strengthen their teeth

1. Apples

Apples are good for everyone. Anyone who is trying to up his health must add apples in their diet. They are rich in vitamins and that makes them good for the overall health along with their dental health. Apart from that, apples are crunchy and eating them is like an exercise for the gums. This process of chewing can in fact help in removing plaque from the teeth. The chewing also helps in the formation of saliva which shields the teeth against the bacteria and also helps wash away the excess food in the mouth that could risk bacteria attack. Celery and carrots also provide this benefit. So you can add them as well in your kids diet if you want to take care of the teeth.

2. Spinach

Green, leafy veggies like spinach have a lot of health benefits to offer. They are mostly known to be the greatest source of iron, but they are also a very good antioxidant. Which means, it is going to help your teeth fight against the bacteria and make the enamel strong. Consuming green vegetables is also good for the gums as chewing them takes longer and the more you chew, the more saliva is formed, cleaning the left over food pieces from the mouth.

3. Salmon and Other Fish

Fish are known for the Omega-3 fatty acids and are also believed to improve the conditions of the heart. They are a good source of vitamin D, which is good for the teeth as it keeps them strong. They also keep the jaw bones strong.

If you are not a fish eater, look for dental treatments in Delhi and get yourself an appointment. Ask the dentist about the other good option for Vitamin D and make sure you kids gets the supplements they need.

4. Oranges

Citrus can be harmful for the teeth if taken in huge quantity. If the teeth are not cleaned properly, the acid can worn off the enamel. But oranges and other citrus fruits and veggies are a great source of vitamin C. It can help in protecting gum and stop bleeding and swelling in the gums.



5. Low-Fat Yogurt

Yogurt and any other product for that matter is believed to be good for the teeth. It is the primary source of calcium for the body. Calcium is important for the health of the teeth. Dairy products are also good at providing body with the nutrition they need.


The bacteria build up in the mouth slowly eats the enamel and exposes the teeth to danger. If it is not treated then, the situation becomes even worse and could lead to tooth decay. You definitely do not want the kid to lose their teeth in such a small age. After all, it would have a life long effect on them. In fact, as they grow up, having bad teeth could have a negative impact on their personalities. They can become conscious about their look and act nervous around anyone they meet and this definitely is not going to be good for them.  You can stop all that by taking good care of your child’s teeth.

  • As you keep control on the diet, make sure you do not skip on the basics of dental care routine.
  • Brushing and flossing are still essential and you must clean your kids mouth properly.
  • You should also not skip on their dental appointments as regular check ups can prevent them from much serious dental issues in the future.

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