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Top 5 Benefits of Holy Basil for Skin, Teeth and Hair

The holy basil or tulsi is also known as the “queen of herbs”. It is the most sacred of all herbs and belongs to the mint family.

The holy basil has played a significant role in the history of mankind due to the hordes of benefits that it offers. The extract that is obtained from the plant is used to cure various conditions like inflammation, common cold, heart disease, malaria and many more. Basil leaves contain strong anti-bacterial, antioxidant, apoptogenic, immune-enhancing and anti-viral and properties. Tulsi also helps to purify the atmosphere. And it has been considered as a vital Ayurveda component for the various healing properties.

Tulsi is considered apoptogenic that balance the different body processes and enable the body for adopting the taste. Here are some of the major benefits of the holy basil leaf for the teeth, skin and hair. Just read on.


1. Helps with Skin Care

You should try to take basil leaves during bath with a decoction of Holy basil mixed with bath water. You can simply apply the paste of leaves on an infected skin area in case of the skin disease and also wash the face with it. You can just consume the tulsi leaves, too and that will keep the skin free from all infections. If you rub the holy basil leaves or their extracts on the body, you can keep at bay the insects and the mosquitos. They cure skin disorders both externally as well as internally without any side effects. This property mainly comes from the essential oils that are disinfectant, antibiotic, antifungal and antibacterial in nature. The external application on the skin also does away with the extra oil from the skin surface. You can also get a soothing and cooling effect of camphene from this.

2. Prevents Acne and Pimples

The basil leaves consist of the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties in controlling the pimple and acne outbreak.  The natural oils of this herb work as a natural cleanser for unclogging the pores and removing the excess dirt, oil and impurities from the skin. The basil’s anti-inflammatory properties soothe the swelling, inflammation and pain associated with the pimples. Even skin conditions like psoriasis can be treated with it.

3. Helps to Treat Teeth Disorder

The leaves are greatly useful in case of treating teeth disorders. The tulsi leaves (dried and powdered) are great for brushing the teeth. You can also mix this with the mustard oil and it can be used as a toothpaste. It helps to counteract the bad breath and restore the health of the gums, pyorrhoea and other dental problems. In order to hinder the gum inflammation, the tooth paste can also be rubbed on the gums. Tulsi is also used as an oral disinfectant and destroys 99 percent of the germs and bacteria found in the mouth. The several mouth infections like ulcers are also often healed with basil leaves.

4. Acts as a Mouth Freshener

Tulsi happens to be an excellent mouth freshener and an oral disinfectant. The freshness lasts for a long time. The tulsi leaves can destroy over 99 percent of the germs and the related bacteria in the mouth and their effect can last all day long.  Th tulsi leaves also cure ulcers in the mouth and they are also known to inhibit the growth of oral cancer that can be caused by tobacco chewing.

5. Cures Hairfall and Dandruff

The tulsi leaves for the hair works as an effective natural remedy for hairfall and dandruff both. The anti-bacterial and the anti-fungal properties of the tulsi leaves for hair help in restricting the scalp irritations, flaking, itchiness and dandruff. The basil oil decreases the excessive scalp dryness and removes the dead cell accumulation and impurities from the scalp. The hair growth is also promoted by the basil oil and reduces the hair fall by improving the scalp’s blood circulation. It supplies ample nutrients to the hair follicles for improving the strength of the hair shafts that reduce hair breakage and brittleness. The regular massage of tulsi oil in the scalp energises your hair. You can also reduce the itchiness of the scalp to keep the scalp itch-free and healthy.

The above are some of the major benefits of the holy basil leaves for the skin, teeth and hair. If you want to keep at bay all types of skin and hair problems and do not want to go for any kind of tooth cavity treatment you must use the holy basil leaves on a daily basis.  This way you will be able to keep at bay most of your skin, hair and teeth problems without getting any kind of side-effects. It is for this reason that tulsi is said to be a magic herb.


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