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Living in Delhi? 10 Quick Survival Tips for You

Delhi is the journey back in time, bustling streets and a Treasure trove of history.

You can use the sleek and efficient metro to visit the Old Delhi, where you will find labourers haul sacks of spices, jewellers weighing weights, towards the New Delhi with the colonial-era parliament buildings and love for having morning tea. Then you can also travel towards the new future – Gurgaon, the satellite city of skyscraping malls and offices.


Red-Fort Delhi

This metropolitan city has a bigger population than  Australia, and it’s the worlds most polluted cities.

Woven into the memories, the elderly man threading the temple marigolds, young boys flying kites from the rooftop, evening and nights at the India Gate, Sufi devotional songs at Jama Masjid, etcera etcera.

You will spot and find this in Delhi only.

Delhi is a country in itself only, there is so much to experience here, Delhi is the city which has been ravaged and reborn with vestiges of lost empires in almost every neighbourhood repeatedly.

Pollution, traffic jams, crowdy markets, busy lanes,  challans on the red lights, lovely cafes, nightlife, metro, Delhi has so much to offer, yet you should be knowing the tips or some few guidelines to survive here. These 10 tips to survive in Delhi is important as you’ll not be fooled around easily and can live like any other already living Delhite.

1.Remember Delhi metro

It is the safest mode of transport for women, in the Night-time especially. Just don’t have any second thoughts about it, You can rely on the Metro! Safest and easiest mode of transport.


2.The hub of cafes- Hauz Khas Village aka HKV!

Correction, HKV is pretentious, if you are looking for some good cafes try to put the ones in SDA market just opposite to IIT gate, Green Park, Khan Market, Saket, these areas have the best cafes you will find in the entire town plus they have in variety.

hkv-hauzkhas village

And in for offbeat art, go to Old Delhi.

3. Heard about Indian Habitat Centre in Delhi?

Bingo, here you can see free movies, you don’t need to be a member or anything you can simply go and watch, you will find plenty of foreign cinema that for all the time.


4. Another very hyped place in Delhi, Majnu ka Tila,

The very famous Tibetan Market. Trust me it’s not at all cheap, its way more expensive than other markets of Delhi. Say for the boots, you will get it for around 2k and the same at SN will be for 1k or 1500!

majnu ka tilla

Yet you will surely love the cafés in that place, Majnu ka Tila has this AMA Café which is must visit if you are planning to visit the place.

majnu ka tilla - buddha temple

5.Dead with hunger in the night? You should visit this food stall near Naraina flyover.

It’s the best place for midnight meals, and you can beat the hunger at any time n the night.

food stall near Naraina flyover delhi

The prices are inexpensive and they will serve you the food right inside your car, or anything, serving you with great taste.


6. Sarojini Nagar market is one of Indias best Flea market,

But mind you, it’s not that “cheap”, then your weekly markets, Surely you will have great varieties in everything but prices are not the cheaper ones.

You need to learn to bargain in for surviving in Delhi. BARGAINING is the Survival Tool.

6. Sarojini Nagar market is one of Indias best Flea market

7.The Gaffar market is famous for all the electronic items

They say you will find each and everything in terms of our electronic gadgets,

But keep in mind that you should never leave your phone for repair in this market, they will take out internal parts of your device, and you will not even realize it. So, be smart!


gaffar market delhi

8.Now coming towards another famous bazaar, Palika Bazaar!

The shopkeepers are hyperbole there, but don’t just be carried away you should not pay more, just pay one a fifth of the price quoted there.


9.Living in Delhi, once in your lifetime, you will visit Rajiv Chowk.

Make sure you do not make a sandwich of yourself by the heavy mob flow, never stand by the Left door when your metro is about to approach at Rajiv Chowk.

rajiv chowk metro station


10.Last but not the least, don’t get fooled by this “dude, you must visit paranthe wali Gali”.

They now serve the puri’s fried in the oil and not the paranthas which their ancestors used to serve. That Gali is famous for the paranthas but you will get disappointed after getting the serving of the parantha.

chandni-chowk-paranthe wali gali

If you want to get parantha’s headway towards Moolchand Paranthe wala or the dhaba near Qutub Institutional area.

Moolchand Paranthe wala


My Friend, living in Delhi is not easy as it seems, you need to be street smart, good bargainer, good at tummy calls and yes exercise and drink fluids(good and healthy) to beat the Delhi’s heat.

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