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‘Freaking Five’ Stand-up comedy Videos

It’s the best compilation happened to stand up comedy. Five hilarious stand up artists talk about their funny experiences which you’ll definitely relate to. Watch all of them to treat your funny bones well.

1. Honeymoon in Manali- Jeeveshu Ahluwalia

This video has every fun element, marriage, honeymoon and divorce!:P

2. Baap, baap hota hai- Abhijit Ganguly

For all the nasty kids, who have been beaten up by their BAAP, here’s a hilarious throwback for you all.

3. Kahan gaye ache din?- Amit Tandon


The after effect of demonitization will always crack you up.

4. Life of a student.- Anmol Shukla


We have all been there, and hated the education system! Watch, relate and laugh.

5. Indian wedding affair- Neeti Palta

A perfect reflection on our obsession with big fat Indian weddings.

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