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10 Inspiring Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Instagram or in the modern day terms, Gram is the most popular photo dedicated site on the web. Over 150 million active users and average of 55 million share or upload pictures daily. Yet, having soon many users uploading and sharing their pictures on the gram, you may not be impressed by all of them or the ones you follow or see on your feeds,

Here then you see 10 most inspiring photographers on the Instagram that you should follow to see and appreciate, the well-crafted pictures, with beautiful framing and editing. These photographers are undoubtedly brilliant with their work yet they are very creative. Their work will provide you with a dose of daily inspiration to the photography and Instagram lovers.


Now go on, click on the links below and visit their profiles and make sure you follow them.


1. Scott Rankin

Scott is a Vancouver BC based photo adventurer and specially a moment catcher

Insta Handle: othellonine


2. Simone Bramante

Simone Bramante is from Italy and he captures stories.

Insta Handle:  brahmino

3.Dirk Bakker

 Dirk Bakker is from Amsterdam NL. He mostly focus on Architecture Design, also art & travel.

Insta Handle: macenzo

4. Asa Sjostrom

 Documentary photographer based in Sweden, with focus on social issues especially concerning women and children.

Insta Handle: asasjostromphotography


5. Theron Humphrey

 Theron Humphrey is wild life photographer. Theron believe in, “Life is short,  I wanna live it well”.

Insta Handle: thiswildidea


6. Ronan Donovan

In the midst of the Anthropocene, I strive to create visual stories that document the plight of our changing world. National Geographic photographer.

Insta Handle: ronam_donovan

7. Hello Emilie

 Forever wandering with a camera in hand. Little moments

Insta Handle: helloemilie


8. Anand Varma

He is a National Geographic photographer who loves to share science stories from around the world.

Insta Handle: anandvarma

9. laura pritchett

 Laura is Painting, photographing, traveling with her young family in the Airstream. 

Insta Handle: bythebrush

10. Victoria Siemer

Victoria Siemer, also known as Witchoria, is a Visual Artist based in Brooklyn, NY.

Insta Handle: Witchoria

These 10 inspiring Instagram photographers below are ranging from seasoned professionals to the hobbyists. Their work if from various genres, varied styles, but the most common thing you will see is the great eye for composition, the strong photographic vision, and continuous striking images that you will see on the Gram, Daily inspiration and addition to your feed will surely get to all motivation to make your work better and use your talent and present it well.


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