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10 things Every Amity Student can relate to

Uncertainties plague us when we just pass out from our schools and move into college life. We are not sure about the strong bonds of friendship we will be able to get in college like of school, the teachers, classmates, whether the college will be as interesting and engaging as of school.

This is the next level excitement and confusion that every student faces when they are entering into their college life. We have Delhi Universities which is regarded as the most prominent educational system in India and coming towards the private ones, the top leading institution is the Amity University!

This university is an entire universe in itself, it’s area across acres of land, giving it’s students best years of their life.

So,  here are  10 things that every Amitian can relate to, as they say, life in Amity is full of crazy experiences, from any other college!

1.Attendance Calculator

Amity is strict with attendance rules, they have this app downloaded called Amizoner. If one’s attendance is anything below 75% one cannot give the exam. WHAT! 75%. That’s cruel Amity.

So, basically what Amizoner does is it calculates how many classes one can miss for a particular paper. Amizoner acts like a saviour and watches dog too.

2.The hub of Stars.

Everyone starting from Bollywood to even Hollywood musician like Edward Maya has paid a visit to Amity.Be it for any purpose, movie or album promotions, jamming the fests at Amity these celebs which one hopes to see are a common sight at Amity’s Campus.

Okay, Other colleges are jealous now!

3.You can see the best cars in the town.

The fancy rides, the best cars lined up in the parking lot…. You can actually see the very famous and those beautiful cars flaunting in that wid and clear lanes, which is the parking lot at  Amity!



4.The power of being always Well-dressed

Yes life at Amity makes you very busy, the early morning lecture from 9 a.m which can even go till 5 in the evening plus the jam you face along with the paper assignments and stuff makes your life hectic yet you will never see an Amitian wearing same old trends. They know the power of being well-dressed every time. Maybe the beauty of the campus makes them do it this. One will never compromise on this, be it a girl or a boy they are all dressed so well.


5. Balli’s Parathe

Like any other campus, you have Amity’s campus as a vegetarian one., meat is deprived. But Balli’s shack on the gate number 2 serves the best of paranthas loaded with ghee/ butter. You will find the best of paranthas in the entire Noida.There are other stalls surrounding around Balli’s shack which are less famous but one can feast the mouth by having kebabs, biryanis, chicken Tangri, roomali rotis there. The best part great taste and pocket-friendly prices.

Every amity student knows this place and can easily locate you the stall and also the best thing to eat.


6.Bowling Alley

The most liked student hangout, a far fledged bowling alley, with huge screens and good food plus great music, the Favourite spot of every Amitian.


7.Seminar weeks


This week is more like of a school’s presentation week, approx. 2 weeks before the examination, Amitians have to prepare o to produce an original paper, everybody comes up with a topic to be presented before the class after getting the green signal from mentor and are also assigned guide.The seminar week is like the presentation week that every Amitian has to produce in front of the entire class.


8.Central library

The mini-mall at Amity, The central library is another hangout area, Amitians call it as the mall only, the 4 floor of books Air conditioned, with having  CCDs inside, sofas and escalator.

Every amity student can relate to this central library aka the mall.


9.AYF month

Amity youth fest also called as AYF by the students, is one of the best college fests in Delhi, it’s a 4-day event, having so many events like singing, dancing, face painting, paintings, playing FIFA on large screens. Every DEPARTMENT HOST SOM EVENTS. One the 1st day you will see at least 2 Bollywood stars promoting their movie, and ending with great DJ night where every student you can see dancing ion the great field. Maybe they have the huge field for this purpose. lol


10.Sangathan Month

Remember student of the year, the  race for becoming the student of the year, Amity has this Sangathan month which is a sports month, mini Olympics having several sports events for both women and men like, cricket, football, swimming, basketball, tennis, kho kho, kabaddi, etc you name it they have it. That’s why I called it a mini Olympic. The ending ceremony is followed up by the speech from the founder and towards the prize distribution.


At the end of the day, it feels  more like of a school than college, with strict code to attend all your classes, continuously getting debarred, getting fined for it,

But does anyone want their school life to end?

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