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6 Reasons, You Can’t Say No to Street Food

A little green chutney over the hot and crispy samosas, the fried Ram ladoo, the Tikka’s, the kathi rolls, The masala chai…. It all starts with the street food. No Restaurant can beat the taste of the aloo tikki and the gol gappa wala. You might get the comfort and food all decorated well coated with dressing but can it really beat the taste of the street food vendor? NO!

Street food is amongst the most loved and wanted food amongst people, Pav bhaji, vada pavs, pakode every region has its own specialized and unique street food. Which anyone can have while travelling, soo technically street food is your travel companion.

Best part about having street food is that you actually support the social community, you may not see the penny you spend over buying the McD’s burger, or domino’s pizza, while actually eating from the street food vendor you enjoy the food you ate plus you see your money actually enjoyed and benefitting the family of that vendor.

I should not talk about the reasons why you cannot say No to the street food as the reasons are soo many like if I write them all you will go to sleep. So, keeping it short and nice oops, tasty, I got you 6 reasons lined up, Here you go and remember to Hogg-

1. Blend of All Flavors

Street Food 1

You will get every flavour in the single plate, sour, sweet, spicy just imagine those heavenly flavours blend together.    You get the variety of flavours…. Spicy aloo chaat to icy falooda.

2. Cheapest Food You’ll get, Enjoy

Street Food 2

Without having a big hole in your pockets street food serves you the great taste, the lip-smacking food comes under your budget. If you are broke, nevermind streetfood is here to the rescue and for a change it is like heaven.

3. Alternative to Boring Food

Street Food 3

At home or PGs or your hostels you might not like having the same old food daily, you need to have an alternative, the best alternative is the street food, the cheapest yet the best one in taste.


4.Great Taste and variety

Street Food 4

The great aromas, the satisfaction to our taste buds… the great street food, street food always surprise you with its great variety of scents, flavours, food preparations. The very famous Pakore wala in Sarojini Nagar serves the variety of pakodas from even the vegetables I don’t know the names, they make it so tasty.


5. One can see into the kitchen

Street Food Pictures

Okay, you can see what and where is cooking the kitchen is not hidden like those in hotels and cafes, you see their kitchen openly, you see the process and you got no worries about the making and engagement.

Like the Billu’s hut in NSP.


6)Meeting Point

street food love

The street food connects and builds the closeness amongst the visitors like you can simply tell that this person comes here often. You don’t have to be any conscious while eating as everybody there is familiar and comes to enjoy the food only, not the décor and meetings.

Food truly connects and builds up relations.

Street food occupies this position as the only aim of attraction is the Foodnot the place, décor, ambience, the sole focus and aim is to have and provide great tasty food.

Everybody has to agree on this that street food reserves a great and prominent space in their lives, also to the health conscious buddies, you can find many street food vendors serving healthy yet tasty street food.

Go out and Hogg, which would be followed by a little exercise. 


  1. Excellent reasons for loving this delicious, affordable food. A dietician with a black tongue ruined my enjoyment of it by telling me about the calories. Can you believe she did that? MONSTER

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