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Top 7 Flea Markets, that every individual should try in India 

“Let’s go shopping!” this thought only brings utmost joy into your lives. People like it or not they have to shop. If not for them for others, and the ones who love to shop here’s a treat for you. In this running routine life, you get the option of just sitting on your couch and shop,  Thanks to the internet for that. But nothing can ever beat the Flea markets, where you can roam and settle your taste buds by having that lip-smacking eatries settled below the roadside, trying soo many things, getting to bargain and you can actually decide by having that item in your hands.

Indians we are, we love bargaining right? That we cannot while shopping online, to bargain we must visit the flea markets, and here I got you 7 most famous Flea markets in India that every individual must visit and get to see the variety and items starting from home décor to clothing, kitchen to what not, and One more important thing, FOOD!

You all will agree here that nothing can replace the fun we get while moving and shopping in Flea markets, Having Lemon soda in your hand in these summer season and glasses on, you got to visit the Flea paradise.

Flea markets follow one basic rule “Shop till you drop”, and with amazing prices, you will hardly drop!

No matter you a women or man, housewife, office going you cant live without shopping! At one point you need to shop then why not shop at these Flea Markets that are really famous in India-

1.Sarojini Nagar Market, Delhi

Popularly known as SN, by Delhiites is one of the most famous fashion hub situated in the heart of Delhi, you can find here all your fashion requirements, starting from the export surplus goods to Gucci SN has it all, the age bar does not count here, you will find ample options to shop, Kids toys, junky  jewellery, Home decor, key chains, wallets what not,m this market has it all. You will actually get your outfit ready in less than 500/-

On Mondays, you will find an export sale where clothes are sold from 20/- to 50/- minimum.

And yes About the Food! Actually water in my mouth and with the options to shop with prices, jaw drops.

2. Laad Bazaar, Hyderabad

Laad Bazar, just near Charminar in Hyderabad, you will find all types of jewellery, pearls and bangles,  and clothes, you will hardly find anything missing here. the market is very famous in Hyderabad for its awesome shopping spot with great pricing.

You’ll enjoy going here in the evening with having good food on your plate, munching around.

3.Colaba Causeway, Mumbai

They call Mumbai city of dreams and Bollywood station,  that’s obvious that you will find a great fashion hub in Mumbai, To shop the best of all while in Mumbai, you need to visit Colaba Causeway’s flea market. Starting from t-shirts, shoes, dresses, bags, accessories, food, You name it they have it!

No doubt this market is the most trendy one in terms of the latest fashion trends, they have it all up to date, plus point for you, you can get to shop well if you are good in bargaining.

4. Johari Bazar, Jaipur

Can any Indian think its wardrobe is complete without having saree or lehenga? NO

You need to have any one of it or both from Jaipur, Jaipur is very famous for its jewellery and Jaipuri print, the Johari market offers you the traditional jewellery bangle and clothing. At a great pricing.

It is very famous for its’ trading in gold and silver ornaments.If you love the Indian ethnic touch in your collection this market Visit is a must.


5. Janpath, New Delhi

Janpath Flea market is located in Cannought place, that’s also named as CP, you will find the most trendy clothing for the males and females at amazing prices, they got a great collection for infants too. The market attracts both locals and foreign tourists with its amazing street food and fashion trends.


6. Sudder Street, Kolkata

At 10 minutes walk from the famous Newmarket, the Sudder Street in Kolkata is another street iconic markets of India. you will get to see the latest stuff in fashion, a huge lane selling trendy and variety of kurtas, jhola bags, chappals, pants, Name it you will find it.

The place is also a hub for cheap hotels, restaurants, tourist, an affordable accommodation place. You find here everything, train tickets, a great ambience in Kolkata that every visitor should visit.

7. Hazratganj, Lucknow

For all the Lucknowites, this Flea market is the shopper’s paradise. This market area is amongst the busiest one mostly all the bazars are situated in this area only. It has big shopping complexes, cinemas, hotels and what not. From big car dealers to Jewellery stores, handlooms and antiques you can almost find everything here.

Its famous for its lucknowi chicken material, Gurjari, and handloom Emporium.

Shop till you Drop !! 



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