9 Signs that you are in a Strong and Healthy Relationship

Try to analyze your relationship according to these criteria and find out if things work smoothly in your couple.

Signs of a healthy relationship:

1. You have common values

You need to accept some differences when being in a relationship. You can have different political views; you can date an atheist, being a deeply religious person; you may evaluate the work of Madonna or Justin Bieber differently, you may have different opinions on Perhaps, the most important thing is to look in the same direction and share key life principles. And it’s great to have similar views on how to build relationships and how to start a family.

2. You respect each other

Mutual respect is the key to a long and prosperous relationship. You do not manipulate your partner’s feelings but compromise and respect his or her position. You never spy on your partner, reading his or her correspondence. Leave this Pandora’s box closed and sleep tight.

3. You have fun together

Having fun together is also important. I must admit that all people are different, and all have their own definition of fun. It is important that your vision of fun coincides with the opinion of your partner so that both of you enjoy hanging out together. Some like noisy parties and wild dances, and some would love to play a game of tennis instead.

4. You can rely on your partner in a difficult situation

Shit happens, and sometimes we find ourselves in a difficult situation and feel the lack of support. Healthy relationships mean that partners support each other and are not afraid to face difficulties together. Your partner is a friend and ally. He or she is always there for you, willing help and share even the most difficult periods of your life.

5. You trust your partner and feel calm

Total control is more for army and soldiers. A healthy relationship does not require daily reports but includes mutual trust and partnership. If you are in a healthy and strong relationship, you do not waste your time analyzing the ambiguous actions of your partner and searching for hidden meanings in his or her conversations with friends, but you feel calm and free to be engaged in your own business.

6. You have a life outside the relationship

You adore spending time with your soul mate, but at the same time, you remain a self-sufficient person with your own interests and hobbies outside the relationship. It’s cool to spend time apart sometimes, speak to your friends and do some of your favorite activities. You do not try to fill all partner’s free time in a healthy relationship, but let the one have a life outside the relationship.

7. You have a similar daily regime

You managed to adapt to the biorhythms of your partner without compromising your own health and mood if you are in a strong relationship. If you are an early riser, and your partner is a late riser and no one wants to change habits, it can eventually become a problem. In a healthy relationship, you manage to find a balance so that both feel comfortable.

8. You act as a team

You always take the side of your partner, at least in public. Of course, when you are alone you can say what you really think and why you think your partner has acted harshly, but in public, you have learned to play as a team.9. 

9. You have sex

The sex is good. The sex is even great. You feel that you want more sex with your partner.

What if it’s not about your couple?

Sometimes you need to be patient. Of course, it is nonsense to change the partner every time you face difficulties. It’s hard to imagine seeing your soul mate in a stranger and trust the one as if you have known each other for ages.

Relationships require patience, courage, and faith. This is a complex but extremely interesting process, which often feels like a joint travel.

Keep in mind that a healthy relationship is about partnership. You are a team, which means that you act together since you have a common goal.

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