Indo Western outfits

Indo western outfits- The perfect attire for Fashion forward Indian Men

In the past also western designs seemed to have its effect on our traditional silhouettes, but in the 21st century, the influence is immense. An Indian garment, ‘kurti or kurta’ worn by both men and women, have gone through some major transformations and results are some amazing outfits lighting up the whole look of a person wearing it.

Not only women, men ethnic fashion wear is equally smitten by these styles of apparels. Today Indian men are also choosing to go for these edgy and distinctive designer wear, they are also experimenting their regular look.

Shahid Kapoor in round neck fitted kurta paired with harem bottoms.

This outfit is taking the style statement on another level, perfectly matching the dynamic and carefree personality.


Most of the youth, if you see who opt indo-western clothes have this desire to stand out, look distinct, speak through their clothes. They are the rebels, they don’t like boring stuff, they want fun, thrill and so is the Indo western outfits that match this facade of their personality.

 Bengali style shirt with beige nude pants and brown loafers, We can surely take some fashion cues from this handsome macho Rana Daggubati.


You can wear this Indo western outfit on any day or occasion you want, this is that good!

Kurta with Cowl drape, make your regular kurta a bit more interesting and voguish.

A little design have made this sherwani a tad more stylish, isn’t it?

Ranveer Singh’s  sense of style is eccentric and cool, no one can compete with him.

Take some inspiration from Ranveer and reuse your sherwani and wear them just the way he is doing and don’t forget the pair of oxfords to complete the look!


Cool shirt! Perfect for a day and night outing.


Regular Sherwani are bring at times, try these some coolest ethnic outfits this season.

Cowl draping is quite in these days, you can see both in men’s and women’s wear.

Ditch the old way of putting the sherwani on, try this Unique and different outfit idea.

Simply Hot! This uber sexual look is being perfectly carried by Kushal Tandon.

Wear this Indo western outfit on the festivals, or when you have a  wedding at your home, style it with kolhapuris

Simple cotton kurta with a printed dhoti, Exotic isn’t it?

Coat tie and dhoti as a bottom, are you ready to impress everybody and turn every head with this edgy indo western outfit?

Ranveer Singh absolutely stunned everyone with his eccentric personal style. We just can’t ignore how confident and enticing he is looking for this outfit!

This Indo western outfit is suitable if you are the brother of a bride or a groom, after all, you gotta look different!


Who should be given the credit to such amazing fashion trend, Designers, Celebs or the aam janta(common people)? Well designers have and celebrities are sure to be applauded for making such indo western outfits look tempting and desirable to the fashion lovers but it’s also the common people who are experimental with their looks and are accepting these unusual way of dress up wholeheartedly.

Outfit by Shantanu and Nikhil


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