Why You Should Have Lower Expectations Before The First Date

Dating became sort of a mania for young people. You can often get a feeling that you’ve been stigmatized by the society for preferring to be single. Thus, you are forced to find the couple. And people have high expectations about dating. Even if you are looking for a partner just because you are lonely, you have high expectations. Of course, you are lonely and when you go on a date with your prospective partner he or she will turn out to be your perfect match, the one who would understand you, the one who would care for you, etc. But you should lower your first date expectations, and now you are going to evaluate why.

Nobody’s Perfect

While it is more or less known fact, people tend to forget about it when it comes to first date expectations. We get very judgmental when it comes to long-term partners. We want them to be nothing but perfect. But with such attitude, you are most likely to waste about a few decades on dating without finding your perfect match.

We all want our prospective significant other to love us for what we are, but we rarely think about loving someone for what they are. Nobody’s perfect, and you should remember it before going on the first date. If you expect your date mate to be some kind of a superhuman, you’re going to be disappointed.

That’s why you need to lower your first date expectations. Even if you have met on the best online dating service.

Changing Perspective

Guys usually expect girls to be either prude or very open about sex on the first date. Girls expectations from guys on the first date to be generous, well-mannered and straightforward about their desires. Some girls expect guys to propose them on the very first. Needless to say that such male and female expectations for the first date are unrealistic and would only make people disappointed with what they are about to get. The higher the expectations the bigger the disappointment.

But when you change the perspective you can easily enjoy your date and discover new prospective partners. When the slightest imperfection makes you run away from the date, you are most likely to be left without boyfriends or girlfriends. It’s an unrealistic attitude, which leads to nothing but constant disappointment.

Moreover, remember when you’ve been turned down by your crush? Won’t you like your crush to give you a second chance? If you won’t give enough time to get to know your prospective partners better, you may just miss your perfect match. You would gain dating success as soon as you change your perspective and abandon the idea of a perfect partner.

Adapt in Order to Succeed

The main problem with the idea of a perfect partner is the fact that your ideal significant other may turn out to be non-existent. If finding partner means love to you, and not just a trophy, then you need to learn to adapt to your partner in order to succeed in dating.

Mind that your partner must learn to adapt to you too, as everything needs to be mutual. If you would pursue your unrealistic dreams, your chances to date someone are extremely low.

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