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The Dunes Are Calling! Ragasthan Festival Is Here Again!

Venue: Private Campsite in Desert, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Date: 23rd to 25th February, 2018

One of the most happening music festivals of India is finally here! Ragasthan 2018 is all set to warm up your winters with exclusive events, music shows and a lot more!

Ragasthan is essentially a music festival held during the winter months in the desert area of Jaisalmer. The whole ensemble of music, art and culture comes together to add more glam to the already enchanting environment of the silent sand dunes.

This year the festival is going to take place from 23rd to 25th February and the tickets are already out! The tickets are available at Insider.In. You can either purchase event passes or full package deals, including your stay in the tents, provided by the organisers. For the ones seeking only event passes, you can pitch your own personal tents in the spaces provided by the organisers.

Ragasthan has 3 major stages hosting different kinds of musical events in each. Morio is the one where pop, rock, sufi and soul funk meet to jazz up your feet. Ammara is tech inspired and will host a lot of trance and electronic beats. Birakha is a relaxers favourite, hosting acoustic unplugged music in the afternoons amidst calm desert breeze.


Ragasthan is primarily a music festival but there are a lot of activities taking place alongside if you’d want to freshen up a bit for the next session of thumping beats. Ujalo is a midnight open air cinema where you can snug up with your loved ones and watch a movie together (under the beautiful night sky). Galiyaro is another event where artists meetup and showcase their talent while entertaining you. And guess what, you can sign up as an artist too! So if you’ve had a hidden talent locked up in a closet, it is time to bring it out. For the adventure freaks, Udham is the event hosting a number of adventurous activities, from hot air balloons to ferris wheel rides.

Ragasthan is the funk meets indie meets artist kinda music festival which will either blow your mind with its awesomeness or just woo you with its charm, urging you to come back again the next year and the ones that follow.

If you are a music enthusiast who loves art and stargazing, this is the place to be during February, 2018. Get booking!


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