Top 10 International Fashion brands in India, to choose from

Pick From The Best International Brands, Be Informed

Foreign brands have always attracted the attention of a shopaholic. No doubt these brands are so sought after since their quality is unmatchable. When quality matters more than price to us, we certainly look out for international brands. The craze for foreign brands has been rising every year and it is more widespread now than ever before.

To quench the thirst of a true international brands lover and an avid shopaholic, here we have all the information about your favourite international brands, along with some of their best products that you can easily buy from online shopping sites in India!

Levi Strauss & Co.

If you are crazy about denim, you must have had at least a couple of pieces in your wardrobe from Levi’s. Levi Strauss & Co. is an American denim brand selling products ranging from denim jeans to funky tops and shirts in India. Check out this pretty and vibrant button down shirt for women from Levi’s.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Corporation is a brainchild of Ralph Lauren who is an American designer and one of the top 100 richest people in the world. The brand is famous for its apparel, home products, accessories and fragrances. Apart from the superior quality of the products sold by the brand in India, their polo t-shirts are to die for!


Owned by VF Corporation, which is the largest apparel company in the world, Lee has been sellings its products all over the world without compromising its premium quality. It is an American brand which sells all kinds of apparel to the Indian market but we love this striped sweater! Happy winters!


Gianni Versace is an Italian luxury fashion brand selling perfumes, apparel and wallets in India. When we say luxury, we mean luxury. Their prices will keep your mouth wide open but the quality of their products is at par with them. You can check out this premium perfume from Versace with an EMI option available!


Wrangler, like Lee, belongs to the VF Corporation. This particular brand excels in jeans and other clothing, especially work wear. Manufacturing workwear and formal wear is its fortay. With the denim trend never fading away, this brand is looked out for year around. Here is a denim shirt by Wrangler that will create a perfect balance between a formal and casual look.


A luxury French brand manufacturing fashion clothing, accessories and more, Chanel has a special place in every brand enthusiast’s heart. In India, this brand sells perfumes, toiletries and makeup products in particular. Check out his eye shadow kit from Chanel which will highlight your eyes for every occasion.


Created in Arteixo, Galicia, this Galician brand is every girl’s favourite. Whether you are hanging out with friends or going out for a fun evening, a Zara dress is all it takes to become the eye candy of the event. Zara collection comes out in 20 variations each year. From clothes to bags, this brand covers them all. Check out this high on style jacket by Zara!


When it comes to high quality fashion, Gucci is as popular as the other international brands. Dealing in clothing, accessories and leather products, Gucci is one of the leading foreign brands in India. You have got to have a look at this Gucci bag. Yes, it is a tad expensive but for what it’s worth, it is Gucci afterall!


Aldo is a Canadian brand selling shoes and accessories in india. It started from being a shoes brand and turned out to be manufacturing bags, clothing, accessories and a lot more in its mature years. Here is a pair of classic white heels that is sure to workout with every other dress that you wear!


Giorgio Armani S.P.A. is an Italian brand selling a range of high quality products including shoes, watches, clothes, eyewear, leather products, etc. Owning something Armani, instantly brings out class and grace. If you love this brand, you will love this designer watch for men from the same too!

Buying something branded is not just a display of what you are capable of buying, but, of your choice of quality over all parameters while purchasing a product as well.

Checked out all the international brands from our list? What’s the wait for? Getting shopping!

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