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10 Things That Show Your Life Has Become Lifeless

Do you feel that there is no meaning to your life anymore? Do you spend your days with just yourself, thinking about how boring your life has become? Well, here are some weird but genuine signs telling you that your life has become lifeless.

1. Television is your best friend

Lifeless 1If the only thing that you look forward to after work is watching television, then, your life has certainly become boring. The best you can do on a weekend is to watch an old movie on some random TV channel.

2. You haven’t partied in forever

If you have almost forgotten the feel of loud music around you, this is definitely a warning signal that life is not treating you with entertaining stuff like parties and gigs. Your old party dresses haven’t moved out of the closet in a long time because of this reason and you have actually started to make excuses so as to avoid going outside the house.

3. People have stopped inviting you

It is not just that you don’t go out to the party. Maybe people have stopped inviting you for the reason that you didn’t show up at any of the events where you were actually invited. The reason may also be your laziness and introvert attitude at social gatherings.

4. You have gained weight

Lifeless 5 - CopyIf you have recently started gaining weight even after going to the gym regularly, you may want to introspect a bit on your life as a whole. It is because we have nothing to do apart from the usual work routine that we generally tend to eat a lot to compensate for the loss in activity.

5. Your facebook profile has only selfies

Facebook is now a mirror to one’s persona. If your facebook profile has just selfies clicked in your bedroom, bathroom or office cabin, then, you really need to have a life and meet new people. Tagging people in your social clicks put up on facebook is a mark of the fun life that you certainly do not have.

6. You are sleepless

man in bed with eyes opened suffering insomnia and sleep disorderYou wake up in the morning, go to work and come back home, watch some show on TV and head to bed. Lack of activity and social engagements lead to insomnia in the long run. So, if you have not had proper sleep lately, it’s probably time you looked a bit deeper into your life.

7. You like Mondays

People hate Mondays because they have had an awesome weekend and never want it to get over. But unlike others, you long for Monday after Friday. This is because going to work is the most happening thing in your life right now and not being at work makes your life even more dull than it is during working days.

8. Your last holiday was a school trip

Lifeless coverRemember the last time you went out of the house for a fun trip? Was it when you were a teenager? If yes, then you seriously need to take another one right now. In order to refresh your mind, going on a holiday once in a while becomes quite essential and if you haven’t done that in a long time, then your life is actually lifeless right now.

9. You have become emotionally vulnerable

lifeless 4If you have become a bit of a crier lately, then, you should probably make some friends and socialise. Becoming emotionally vulnerable and sensitive is another sign that you have a lot of time to think about the miseries in your life and get upset about them.

10. You have a crush on your boss

90% of the people who have a crush on their boss have no life away from work. They live work, speak work and love work. Some may be seriously attracted towards their senior. Others just don’t have anyone else to develop such feelings for. This is the reason that they may get emotionally attached to their boss, no matter what the age or persona of the latter is.
Life is a beautiful gift. Wasting it away by adopting the above-said lifestyle is the worst thing you can do to it. We all need to get out of the shell some time or the other and experience the joy of having more than just ourselves as a company. Interaction and communication is a necessity in this fast paced world and coming in active in both of them is a sign that you are alive.

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