Why Not Taking Bath Everyday Is One Of The Best Things To Do

Do you take bath regularly without missing a single day? Does it not become boring? Does it not feel like wasting a lot of time every day…the time which could be utilized for taking a nap, for chatting, watching TV or for watching some random videos on YouTube?

There are many logical arguments that you can put up in your defence for not taking a bath daily. Below are some examples of such reasons and arguments that help you in justifying your position.

1. Monotonous Activity

Otter-pup-takes-a-bath-008Don’t you think that if you take a shower daily, it will become too monotonous? It becomes the same boring process that you have to forcefully repeat every day. It can be more interesting if do it once in a few days.

You will spend more time and take it more seriously if you take a shower after a few days. You will certainly feel more fresh and rejuvenated than ever.

2. Saving Water


Everybody knows that we are facing a water crisis these days. So why should we waste water on bathing? We hear about many campaigns regarding ‘Saving Water’. While most of the people only talk about it, you can practise it by not taking a bath every day.

Social welfare is also very important because “Every Drop Counts”.

3. Utilising Deodorants And Perfumes

adidas-set-of-4-deodorants-adidas18Why are companies manufacture deodorants and perfumes? These products are for you. If you take the bath every day then you must not waste so much money on buying deodorants.

But if you are purchasing these products, then please stop wasting time on bathing. Not taking a bath daily sounds tacky and untidy but it is not always so. You can optimally utilize these products with great fragrances and nobody will ever find out that you have not taken a bath!

4. Just 2 minutes To Get Ready

late-for-work-running1If you are getting late, bathing is the thing that can contribute in the delay even more. Without taking a bath, you can get ready within two minutes and can reach where ever you want in time.

If you want to be punctual, avoid taking a shower every day. Bathing is something that you can have whenever you have time, not necessarily daily.

5. Bathing Becomes Like A Celebration

Pi08Bathing can become like some fest for you if you are having a bath after some days. You are definitely going to spend more time and pay more attention to it. You might get some scolding from your parents or elders because they probably don’t understand the feeling of taking a shower after a few days. Don’t get disheartened by their harsh words and celebrate bathing.

So if you don’t like to take a bath every day then don’t be shy. There are many more people just like you. These above reasons will definitely boost your confidence and help you in justifying why not taking a bath every day is good.

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