An open letter to the guy whom I love but can never call mine

Dear Tube light,


I don’t know how you are right now, but I hope you are doing great.

It has been more than a month since we have talked. I miss all those goofy talks we used to have and how you used to handle my mood swings like a pro.

In 1.5 years, we have always been on and off (in contact). While everyone (including you) asks me to forget you and move on, I just can’t. Probably I am trying to find YOU in every other guy I go on a date with and return disappointed.

Every other person makes me realize that why you are still special and different. The person who called me cute even on my bad hair days and hot in my pajamas (when we met for the first and only time). I still can’t forget that look in your eyes (it felt something out of this world).

I too wish that you could have been in my city and we would have dated and I could have called you mine.

You know, you are a one piece. Who can cheer up anyone’s mood by doing stupid things. The one who is usually calm as the ocean but stirring up from inside.

I would be jealous of the person with whom you would decide to spend your life with. But I guess your happiness is more important (isn’t that what love is about).

 Don’t you dare change yourself to get someone to love you? You are best as the way you are.

I think I am gonna love you for a long time (or maybe forever) because you just can’t un-love someone, right?



Stupid girl

*tube light and the stupid girl are the names we had given each other


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