10 Lame Reasons Boys Give to Break-up

Living in a relationship and working it out are two different things. Both the guy and girl have different perspectives for their relationship and sometimes break-up due to some silly reasons. Mostly, the girls end the relationship because they don’t like the guys’ actions or the way they eat. While boys break-up because they don’t like their girls friends or they think their relationship is moving too fast.

When a relationship ends the reasons for splitting can be quite simple, but somehow guys manage to give stupid reasons to end the relationships. Might be because they just want to avoid any commitment. Here are 10 lame reasons boys give to end their failing relationship:

Reason 1: I need some space

This statement is being used by guys for ages when they break-up and seems an easy way to get rid of their failing relationship.

Reason 2: You are not taking me seriously

Boys are considered as a complete document of fear related with commitment. So, somehow they manage to throw all the blame on their girl that they are not taking their relationship seriously to avoid the commitment.

Reason 3: Things are happening quite fast

Some guys decide to end their relationship when they feel that their relationship is moving too fast. In other words, these guys are jerks. They usually use these kinds of lines when they feel no affection coming from their girlfriends.

Reason 4: I don’t like your friends

Yeah, that’s right! Sometimes guys don’t like their girl’s friends. They even involve their friends into their relationship discussions. The only problem is that they don’t like that you hang-out with your friends and also feel insecure.

Reason 5: “It’s not you, it’s me”

This statement is probably the most over-used excuse by boys. With this statement, they mean that the reason behind ending relationship is that they are fed up.

Reason 6: “We are totally different”

Even though, they have been living in a relationship for long, and this kind of excuses seem so fake. So, whenever a boy gives this kind of excuse it means he is immature and probably not worth of your time.

Reason 7: “I might be going out of this country and I don’t want to date you and just move away”

This statement is just a covering text for their intentions like they are not interested in the relationship because they have some other plans for their future.

Reason 8: “I can’t do this anymore”

This reason is considered as the most popular stupid reason for ending the relationship. Whoever gives you this statement is a too coward to be honest and to come up with a legitimate reason.

Reason 9: “I am not able to forget my ex-girlfriend, so it will be not fair with you”

This is yet another most popular line amount stupid guys which they use to end their relationship instead of telling you the truth.

Reason 10: “There is no future, let’s be friends only”

With this statement, the jerks or guys mean that they want to end their relationship but still want you to be a part of their life. This is really something very stupid.

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