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10 Unique Valentines Day Gifts for Him, What is Your Pick?

He is Looking For A Valentine’s Day Gift Too! What’s Your Pick For Him?

Ladies, listen up! If you are expecting a gift from ‘him’ this Valentines Day, you need to present him with something really special too! Let’s get this straight, guys love being pampered too, even though they rarely express it overtly.

Now if you are thinking about what to get him, do not worry at all ‘cause we have got a list of gifts he will love coming in from you. Pick any and make your love bond stronger!

1. Keg-Growler

Ok, so this one’s a tad bit expensive but he will love you, for gifting this to him, for life! A mini Keg-Growler is a beer brewer and also helps to keep the beer chilled and fresh for as long as 2 weeks. You can easily order one on and make him the party king of all times! 

2. Watch

This is a bit too common but guys love great watches. They are fascinated by the sheer way a watch works! You can even get him an automatic one from a Swiss brand. Such watches do not need a battery and work well only when worn. No chance of your gift going anywhere other than his wrist!

3. A Tool Set

Tools bring out the masculinity in a man and this is something men will agree if they are being honest. Your man needs to feel masculine too. Get him a good toolkit and call him out to fix anything at your place. He will not only feel special and important but also a master of the mechanical works.

4. Gin Making Kit

This Gin making kit is like a kitty party kit the girls used to have at every housie game, but only for the adults. Whenever you’ll organize a party at your place, he will be ready with all his skills to pour perfect gin for the guests. Gifting him this kit is likely going to make you a great partner!

5. Beard Kit

Beard is in fashion after the ‘No-Shave November’ movement started in 2016. Guys adorn their beards and mustaches and like to pamper these with utmost care. A beard kit will bring instant joy to him. Guys love grooming too!

6. Bluetooth Speakers

He has probably talked to you, one a while, about how desperately he needs good speakers. Music is liked by all and when it becomes as portable and handy as Bluetooth speakers, there’s no better option for a gift for him. Get him some really cool and good quality Bluetooth speakers. He is sure to take them everywhere!

7. Sports/Gym Set

Dumbbells, sports shoes, vests and a lot more are included in a sports/gym set. You can get him any one or all of the stuff included in these kits. If he is a sports fan, get him a jersey of his favorite game or just the gaming kit itself.

8. Boxers

You must have seen your man wearing boxer shorts, even during harsh winters. You might think, and he may convince you too, that he doesn’t feel cold but this is not true. He does feel cold but prefers comfort to being caught in woolen pajamas. This Valentine’s Day get him some comfy cotton shorts. He needs them, you know it.

9. Duffle Bag

A duffle bag looks really cool on men. This can be used as a travel bag, a sports bag or a gym bag. There is a range of good to pocket-friendly duffle bags online. You can get him one with all the toiletries he uses inside of it.

10. Beer Bottle Opener Keychain

If your man keeps forgetting his keys at random places, he needs a keychain. So when you are buying a keychain for him, get him one which has a beer bottle opener attached to it. It will come in really handy for him while having drinks with his friends, not to mention how safe it will keep his teeth from opening the bottles.

So now that you’ve got a bunch of really good options to choose from for gifting him on Valentine’s Day, get your gift for him delivered on time. Start purchasing!


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