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A Story of an Engineer Woman, breaking Stereotypes

In the country where the gender ratio is so poor in top engineering colleges that 14% (supernumerary) seats have to be reserved for women from 2018, there exist all women engineering colleges. There is a lot more which I got to know after I took admission in an engineering college. Mainly I could conclude all stereotyping about girls engineering colleges.

Three years back, I too cleared JEE Mains and got into India’s first engineering college (now University) for women. Most of the people still don’t believe that there are engineering colleges for women.

Coming from a co-ed school and having more guy friends than girls, I thought it would be a nightmare, as I never used to get along with girls too much. On first few days, it really felt odd. I literally wanted to run away from that place but my parents didn’t let me leave it. Slowly and gradually it started feeling like home.

From working in the machine shop to arranging college fest, girls did all the work. In fact, I believe it has made us more independent than the girls in co-ed engineering colleges.

No, we are not in a desperate need of having men around us; we have our bros who are always there for us (we call our close friends that).

No, we don’t dress up like guys while going to college; we have so many hotties over here.

Being around girls all the time isn’t gonna make us a lesbian (Many guys have actually asked this).

Though it took a while to adjust in here, all I can say is; a women’s engineering college is no different than any other engineering college.


About the Author:  

Reeva, She is an engineering student with interest in a wide array of subjects including physics, psychology and linguistic arts like poetry. Loves to listen and create music in free time.

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