10 Things One Must Do Before Getting Engaged

Thinking of getting engaged anytime soon? Well, there are certain things you must do before you take that big leap in your life. We bring to you the 10 most doable things one must give a try at least before getting engaged.

Travel to your favorite destination ‘solo’

This is one of those things which you cannot do after you are hitched. Travelling solo is an experience which you will cherish for a lifetime and do it before getting engaged is probably the best thing. Camping is an add-on activity while taking this up. Sheer introspection and a connection with your soul is what you get as a gift from traveling solo.

Date a completely wrong person

Yes, dating a wrong person is not a correct thing to do. But making a wrong choice surely teaches you a lot. If you date a wrong person, you will certainly appreciate the qualities of your partner which will eventually bring both of you closer to getting engaged. Before having the right one, get a taste of the wrong one.

Get your dream job

Once you get engaged, there are a number of financial responsibilities which will rest on your shoulders. Such responsibilities do not allow a person to pursue the job of their dreams and fulfill them completely. This is why getting a dream job becomes important before getting engaged. This also gives you a feeling of accomplishment and boosts confidence in return.

Multi-task your weekends

Once you get into the ‘relationship’ thing, it gulps a lot of your time and the worst hit areas are your weekends. So before your weekends get booked with your dates with your fiancé, you need to make the most out of the ones left with you. Get a spa treatment, watch your favorite movie, engulf yourself in video games etc. are some of the activities you can do on just one Saturday.

Have as many bachelor nights as possible

This goes out for the ladies as well. Having the ‘all men night’ and the ‘girls’ night out’ is probably the best time of your single life. Such nights get converted into long phone calls and chatting sessions after getting engaged. Also, this is the time when you can do all the crazy stuff with your friends without letting your fiancé know about the wild child in you.




Meet new people

One side effect of getting engaged is that your meetings get confined to your fiancé. If you have to spend some quality time with someone after getting engaged, then that person will probably be your fiancé. To escape this boredom for a while, meeting new people is something you can do and enjoy at the same time. Plus, you can learn a lot by interacting with strangers.

Spend time with your hobby

A hobby is a person’s best friend. Everyone has a hobby which needs attention every once in a while. With your world becoming occupied with a lot more important things soon, spending time with your hobby right now becomes even more important. Take some time out from your schedule and do what you love the most.

Go to your old school

It’s not like getting an admission to Class 1 all over again. Revisiting your old school revives a lot of your memories and gives you a quick flashback of how you had an awesome childhood and what you have grown up to be after you passed out. This sort of looking back at your past before taking a big step in life is very important to improvise and appreciate the being that you are.

Make your life clutter-free

Becoming organized is a sign of maturity and if you have really become mature enough to get engaged then this is something that should be on your to-do list before getting engaged. Discipline is a good thing to take up. Scheduling your day and keeping your surroundings organized will make things easier once you decide to take more responsibilities over you.

Meet a real couple

This real couple could be your parents or any other inspiring couple in your family. You are to take the big step soon but do you know everything about getting hitched? Well, if you don’t then learn some good tips on adjustment and patience is what would help you to move ahead smoothly into your married life.

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