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Pros and Cons of a Hippie Lifestyle

The Hippie Culture is back! Modern day youth is attracted towards the hippie culture of the 60s and 70s. Well, the hippie life may seem fun and easy on one side but it does have some off-track unacceptable truths attached to it. With the free and easy hippie life being adopted and praised by quite a lot of people these days, there is a need to look a bit deeper into the dream life of a young soul.

Why is Hippie-ism a perfect lifestyle?


The hippie lifestyle is desirable by a lot of people for a major reason which is ‘Freedom’. Hippie life gives you more than just an escape from the society. It gives you a feeling of becoming free from the bonds of negations which had you as a slave for a good part of your life.
Carefree Days- Imagine having spent your days without a watch ticking in your hand. This feeling is something which can never be felt otherwise. No knots of time stop you from doing anything. Becoming a hippie gives you carefree days when you don’t have to worry about your 9 to 5 schedules and the like.


The other important reason behind choosing to become a hippie is wanderlust. Travel is more than just going places. It’s about knowing yourself each time you visit a new place and that’s what hippies long for. This lifestyle fulfills their dream of traveling more than anything else.

3.Meet People

Becoming a hippie gives you the opportunity to meet new people. Meeting like-minded people becomes a cherry on the cake while seeking a new meaning to your life. When you meet new people, there is a lot more to life that uncovers itself in front of you and that’s when you realize that this is the perfect lifestyle for you.


Most of the people who adopt hippie-ism learn a lot on the job, with the job being a hippie of course. More than drugs and weak nights, a hippie life may prove to be a great teacher. Real life experiences are the greatest gifts one can earn from being on the road.

Why not Hippie Lifestyle!

1.Money Constraints

The major reason behind not opting for a hippie life is money constraints. Hippies don’t earn good enough to live a luxurious comfortable life. Though they don’t long for these two things, yet the importance of money is felt early after adopting this lifestyle.

2.No Family Life

Hippies don’t have a family. They don’t want a family initially but sooner or later, the loner in them longs for one. Having no family life is a real emotional setback for them and they can’t live without desiring a family life for long. Aged hippies face this problem the most.


The reason behind wandering like a hippie from one place to the other is dissatisfaction. The unstable mind always seeks new places and things to do and keeps on going from one situation to the other in order to escape from the former. This dissatisfaction is felt after tasting the harsh realities of the hippie life.

4.Hygiene Issues

If you are a cleanliness freak and hate unhygienic lifestyle, then this way of living is not meant for you. Hippie life doesn’t demand to be clean all the time and it rather respects people who don’t bother about their outer appearance. With most hippies living a bit unclean life, you wouldn’t want to step into it and become one of them.

5.Emotional Disconnections

Emotional disconnections relate to building distances, not only from the society but from the loved ones as well. This may prove to be quite dangerous and may also lead to depression at later stages. Some emotional support is necessary to lead a happy life and a hippie life doesn’t assure you of such assistance.

Speaking neutrally, hippie is a lifestyle one takes up from his/her own choices about life and none can judge how this way of life suits the same.

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