Five Tempting Dark Chocolates in India, You Must Try!

Ummm Ummm Ummm, even thinking about chocolates tempt me so much.

For me, chocolates are like little bites of heaven and especially, dark chocolates. Considering the fact that too much sweetness isn’t good for anyone’s health. Dark chocolates seem like some wickedness in heaven to its fan. It’s good if you are fond of dark chocolates, works really well. The dark chocolate has so many advantages like one of the best medicine to lose weight, it’s a great stress buster and the list goes on. So here are top 5 overwhelming dark chocolates that are easily available in India.


1. Cadbury Bournville Chocolate

Well, most of the people are familiar with this name and are already in love with the collection & the quality they have. From the beginning until the end, cranberry chocolates melt very smoothly in the mouth.

2. Amul Dark Chocolate

Ohh yeah! Some people aren’t aware but yes! yes! yes! these enormous bars are like the best gift of the God. The smoothness and smell will make anyone fall in love.

3. Lindt Chocolate

Lindt is a little expensive, as compared to other available chocolates in the market. However, they are also among the excellent chocolates. So spending money on Lindt is totally worth, you won’t regret.

4. Toblerone Dark

Just like the Toblerone, the Toblerone dark is as novel as its shape and outstanding on the performance of the taste

5. KitKat Dark Chocolate

The wafers and dark chocolate seems like made for each other after trying this all the chocolates come in different flavours choose your best one

Some are costly others are cheap …but heyyyaaaa its worth when you can experience heaven on earth.

Here are Soo’s personal recommendation for you
  1. Cranberry Bournville
  2. Amul bitter chocolate 75% cocoa
  3. KitKat dark
  4. Toblerone dark
  5. lindt excellence 85% cocoa

Written by Shubhangi – “A Foodie since 1995, Loves eating & writing. She create stories you’ll fall in love with. Learnt one liners from real life experience.”


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