5 Problems of a PMS-ing Girl

Pre-menstrual syndrome is a very common symptom seen in women before they have their periods. But what this syndrome actually brings with itself is a lot more problematic. This is a very vulnerable time for girls and even a slightest mistake can ignite the side of her you hadn’t seen. So what are the major problems faced by a pms-ing girl? Let’s find out!


Beauty troubles:

Women are very protective when it comes to their beauty and looking good is the priority of 90% of the women in the world. Pre-menstrual syndrome is a nightmare for such ladies. An awfully horrible acne appears on the most strategic and visible part of the face out of nowhere to spoil all your outings. And yes, it is there to stay for a week or more.

Mood swings:

Another very annoying effect of the incoming monthly trouble is mood swings. Things which were likeable before, now become extremely irritating and unbearable. She can laugh and cry at the same time without having the slightest clue about what is actually happening to her. Mood swings come out as a problem, not only for the pms-ing girl but also for the people around h

Change of taste:

You give her sugar and it will be tasteless. You give her spice and it would taste like sugar. There is a change in the reception of taste buds during this time and it is really a piss off. Eating your favourite ice-cream and getting a taste of boiled vegetables is not affable for anyone. Craving for some much unexpected things becomes an add-on to it.

Uncontrollable speech:

So when a girl is pms-ing, she can utter anything for anyone from her mouth. It’s as if her tongue becomes a machine gun at this time of the month. This is a serious issue because most people around don’t have any idea that the girl is pms-ing and they may take her in a bad sense which actually happens in most cases. This problem becomes worse if she has an unpleasant encounter with her boss.

Physical challenges:

Cramps, body pain, weakness, low blood pressure and stomach ache are some of the obnoxious gifts of pre-menstrual syndrome. This leads to loss of stamina and strength to work for long hours and inability to cope with day to day activities. Very low blood pressure levels can prove to be quite dangerous.


Pre-menstrual syndrome can crash a girl down every month but it is very surprising to see how 80% of such women deal with it incredibly efficiently. The problems mentioned above are difficult to deal with and cannot be easily sorted out, yet, right attention, care and affectionate behaviour towards the beautiful clan can actually make such teething troubles quite weak.


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