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Why your business page should like other pages?

Are you a marketer or an entrepreneur? Do you manage any Facebook page? If yes, then you must know that your Facebook Page can serve two important purposes, one is to build relationships and second is to reach more potential customers. So there are a lot more things that you can do to achieve these goals.

3 Reasons Your Company Should Like Other Pages on Facebook

One of the most important things is that you should often like other business pages on Facebook. I can give you top 3 reasons for doing this so:

1. Like other Pages and increase your reach

If you like a Facebook Page you can get to see their posts in your newsfeed. If it’s an interesting post then you won’t miss the opportunity and can engage with it by liking it, or by leaving a comment or sharing it with friends.


2. Expand your community by interacting with other Pages

Once you like a Page, you can not only see what the brands are focusing on and what they are posting but also you can also interact with it. So whenever needed, you may drop a note, mention the Page in any post, and get to know the people behind the Page. Hence, you can attract new followers and potentially find new opportunities for a business partnership. that’s how it works 🙂

3. Get inspired by other Page’s posts

Your Newsfeed is great for a quick summary of whose marketing is working, and whose isn’t. want to know how?

You can find awesome news, insightful research and funny images, you also find posts that went viral and posts that didn’t get any attention. So you can check out What’s working? What’s not? You can keep an eye on your competitor’s strategy as well.


So know that you know how and why you should like other Pages, what are you waiting for? Get Set Go! Get on out there and make some friends. Do like us on facebook 🙂




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