‘Take a Break’ – Facebook introduces new relationship tool to make breakups less painful

Well, this is really interesting…. Now world’s largest social network has also come in the picture to ease the heartache of breaking up. This experiment will let you ‘take a break’ from your ex. With the help of Facebook’s new tool ‘Take a Break’, you can change your status from ‘in a relationship’ to ‘single’, and then you may select ‘take a break’ option to remove your ex from news feeds, untag yourself from all photos and posts without even telling him and making it public. A very Interesting feature but dangerous.

On Thursday, the website announced that they’re testing out a set of new features to take the social media sting out of breaking up. Facebook will begin testing the breakup protection on mobile devices in the U.S. before deciding whether to offer it to all of its 1.5 billion account holders worldwide.


Key Features of ‘Take a Break’ tool:

  • See less of your ex’s name, posts and profile picture on Facebook.
  • Limit your photos, videos or status updates from your former partner.
  • Untag yourself from your past posts with your ex and edit who can see them.

But what do you think, do we really need this? 🙂 Maybe Yes or No? Because if you had a hard time with someone, you would prefer to unfriend him/her or might be many people need this tool to console themselves. Let’s just enjoy this tool and wait for more! 🙂

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