40 Ironic Photos That can play with your senses

In our day to day life, sometimes we see some most epic, weird or haunted stuff. Don’t worry we will not share anything haunted ;). Here we present some most ironic photos those are viral on the internet.

1. It must have straightened its tail to get that!
2. Also speaks a lot about how crime takes place from inside the jails.
3. That’s what happens to when you are not from this institute!
4. Are they explaining Gravity before the shows as well?
5. Must have been a very expensive subscription!
6. R&D department from Wahl didn’t knew this can also happen to their
7. Karma has played its part here.
8. Unbreakable? Really? See this —> ~~crack~~
9. Most difficult part of his/her life will be trying not to regret this.
10. Forgot to mention – “and also ends with you.”
11. A big fat white lie!
12. He should have been home doing meditation. It would have surely helped
13. Unlike humans, these are innocent creatures.
14. You can seek it but why can’t you welcome it? grrrrh!
15. Iski toh keh k leli.
16. This shows what nature can do to  man made things.

17. Please struggle for the last time for me.
18. So cool, they did it the same way to find out what happened at that
19. You got to be kidding me, right?
20. Yes, you need one right now!
21. Where is my invisible knife? I want to throw it at somebody.
22. Does it suck every germ?
23. Unfortunately, it cannot do it for itself.
24. He can do much better!
25. He didn’t read it in the first place.
26. He is a slow learner.
27. It welcomed a crack with its arms wide open.
28. They forgot to mention: ‘Sucks’28(1)
29. Does ‘The Secret’ really works?
30. But you’re a weak student.
31. Reading is lethal. Hence proved.
32. See what we found China made American freedom.
33. No more accidents would have been legitimate!
34. I feel like biting this author.

35. Mountain Dew of chocolates. Darr k aagey jeet hai!
36. Oops, my mistake.
37. Why are you using it then?Widgets
38. Haha, Sure we can’TNT
39. Anything else needed to be done?
40. One without roof claims to shelter others..

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