10 Stupidest Reasons Boys Give for Break-up

Living in a relationship and working out in a same are two different things for both girls and boys. Both guys and girls have different-2 perspective for their relationship and due to some silly reasons they break-up. Why girls break-up, because they don’t like guys reactions or the way they pretend. On the other side, why boys break-up, because they don’t like their girlfriend’s friends or sometimes they make an excuse that their relationship is moving faster than the pace and they need a break.

When a relationship ends the reason for splitting can be quite simple but somehow guys manage to give stupid reasons and they end their relationships. Thus, they just avoid commitment and they initiate the break-up.

Here are 10 stupidest reasons boys gibe to end their failing relationship:

Reason 1: ‘I need some Space’

This statement hase been used by boys many a times that they need some privacy or space and for that they break-up with their girl and it seems an easy way to get rid of their failing relationship.

Reason 2: ‘You are not taking me Serious’

Boys are considered as a complete document of fear when it comes to commitment in a relation. So somehow they manage to put the blame to the girl that she is not taking their relationship serious, and that to avoid a serious things and that is commitment.

 Reason 3: ‘Things are running too fast’

Sometimes boys decide to end up their relationship when they feel that their relationship is moving too fast. In other words, these type of guys are jerks. They usually use this kind of lines when they feel no affection coming from their girlfriends.

 Reason 4: ‘I don’t like your friends’

Yeah, that’s right! Sometimes the guy doesn’t like his girlfriend’s friends. Because he feels that she even involves her friends into their relationship matters and all. The only problem is that Guys don’t like your friends to hang-out with you.

Reason 5: ‘It’s not you, it’s me’

This statement is probably the most over-used excuse by boys. With this statement, they mean that the reason behind ending the relationship is him not the girl. And they make you feel guilty and console you at the same time and move ahead easily.

Reason 6: ‘We are different’

Even though, they have been living in a relationship for long, and this kind of excuses seems so fake. So whenever a boy gives this kind of excuse it means he is immature and probably not worth of your time.

Reason 7: ‘I might be going out of this country and I don’t want to date you and just move away’

This statement is just a covering text for their intentions like they are not interested in the relationship because they have some other plans for their future.

 Reason 8: ‘I can’t do this anymore’

This reason is considered as the most popular stupid reason for ending the relationship. Whoever gives you this statement is a coward, and  also kind of honest reason to end up with a legitimate reason. Let him go.

Reason 9: I am not over my ex-girlfriend really, so it will be not fair with you’

This is yet another most popular line amount stupid guys which they use to end their relationship instead of telling you the truth.

Reason 10: ‘There is no future, let’s just be friends only’

With this statement, these morons try to express that they want to end their relationship but still want you to be the part of their life. This is really something very stupid.

In short, why to run behind the one, those who doesn’t want you in his life anywhere. Just let it go and move on simply. Since you have your entire life and don’t waste your time on these type of boys. Move on and enjoy the life. Cheers!

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