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7 things you did not know about UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath

Uttar Pradesh’s CM Mr Yogi Adtiyanath is trending on internet for all variety of reasons. As a young Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath stirred non-stop 50 major decisions in a positive way in first 10 days after he joined cabinet.

Usually CM celebrates their victory after they joined cabinet. But, Mr. Yogi did not waste time in that and started doing amazing work in UP to make UP better. He is an Indian priest and politician with an image as a Hindutva. In his recent speeches, he specifically said that he believes in action instead of lectures. Below are some amazing things about Yogi Adityanath that you did not know.

1. Early Life: Yogi Adiyanath was born as Ajay Singh Bisht in a Garhwall Rajput family on 5 June 1972.

2. Education: He was graduated in Science from HNB Garhwal University, Srinagar, Uttarakhand.

3. Youngest Member of the Parliament: Adityanath was the youngest member of 12th Loksabha at 26 in the year He is 21st young Chief Minister of UP Govt.

4. Founder of Hindu Yuva Vahini: Hindu Yuva Vahini is an militant youth organisation and was founded by Yogi Adityanath. The organisation was also involved in communal violence. Also Known for his impeccable Hindutva credentials that includes support for Ghar Wapsi and fight against “Love Jihad”.

5. Controversies: He has been charged in the past with rioting, attempt to murder, armed with deadly weapon, endangering life or personal safety of others, unlawful assembly, trespassing on burial places and criminal intimidation.

6.Hinduism Conversion: Before Yogi Adtiyanath joined cabinet, he was often in controversies for the conversion of other religion people to Hinduism. Even he reportedly said, “who oppose yoga can leave India and that they should all be drowned”

7. CM of UP Govt: Yogi Adtiyanath has taken more than 50 major decisions those stirred the State in 10 days, since he became the CM of UP. His 50 major decisions includes Anti Romeo Squad, Anti Corruption, action against Food grain and ration mafia, revoke illegal mining etc.

Even after his controversial background history, he is presently doing tremendous work as a CM, and we are hoping that it will remain same. UP’s girls are thankful to him, as his anti-squad plan has made their life easy in UP. UP is knows as a hub of crimes, we are hoping that CM yogi Adtiyanth might bring change in UP.  To know about those major decisions and their effect keep reading Punwadi.

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