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10 most amazing facts about Salman Khan, you must know!

Universally known as ‘Sallu’ or ‘Bhaijan’, Salman Khan is the biggest brands of Bollywood. Undoubtedly, isn’t the name alone enough in itself?

Presenting here are some amazing facts about the Tiger of Bollywood, Salman Khan.



Being the most famous and wanted cult Actor, Producer and Television Host of Bollywood, Salman Khan always wished and dreamt to be a writer just like his father Salim Khan, the screenwriter.


Bhai is one of the few actors who topped the People Magazine’s List as ‘The Most Handsome Men’ ever in the world. Isn’t that great?


An eatery outlet in Mumbai is named after Salman Khan as ‘Bhaijaanz’. The menu card is dedicated to the favorite cuisines and dishes of Salman and the impressive aesthetics of the hotel comply with the beauty of his residence in Bandra. Check out this space, if you are a fan of Bhai.


Did you know Salman Khan is the only the actor with 9 movies in the 100 cr club? No wonder he is loved and appreciated by all.


Many closely knitted threads prefer to refer him as a ‘Grownup Kid’. Why not? He manages to have an amazing sense of humor and is able to connect with every child, irrespective of the age. This connection keeps the child within him alive. That’s the secret!


Did you know Salman Khan is an ardent animal lover, not just dogs, but all animal kingdom?


The Khan of Bollywood, Salman is the only artist who has done maximum cameos and special songs for his friends in the fraternity. Maybe he just can’t say NO to his friends and he is just like us.



From an untrained bathroom singer to a studio recording, he has sown the seeds for a new chapter of Professional Singing in his career. Launching the career of famous musicians such as Sajid-Wajid, Himesh Reshamiya etc., music certainly hails in his blood.


A socially sensitive actor and child-lover, Bhajan is the only actor for starting an NGO for kids with all the needs. The highlight is, all his movies are screened separately for these kids so that even these children feel included in his world. Hats Off Salman!


‘I don’t deserve this award’, he uttered when he received the Filmfare awards in 1999. Definitely, a man who doesn’t fear to speak his heart and always respects and trusts his fan, who are his lifeline.

A legend in making, we all love you Sallu Bhai and support you in all our endeavors.

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