5 Enjoyable Practices That Can Actually Make you Smarter

You have been seeing people sweating their bodies out in gym while others solving a riddle or puzzle in order to get more from their bodies and brains. But what if I tell you there is a more simpler way to enhance yourself in an all around way. Today, we bring you 5 simple tips that can make you an upgraded version of yourself which is better than never before.

Regular Exercise:

It has several benefits. Now, it is scientifically proven that doing exercise on a regular basis helps increasing your recognition memory, which means the objects or things you encountered in past can now be easily recognisable for you. This in turn improves your long term memory as well.

Playing Video Games:

A half an hour video game session every day develops your working memory. Moreover, they also enhance your strategic planning and motor performance. So, video games are not bad all the time, unless you get struck into one for all day long.


Besides just increasing vocabulary and grip over language, reading has other benefits too. It helps enhancing the connectivity capabilities of the brain. Reading basically causes significant increases in the left temporal cortex of the brain – an area associated with receptivity of the language.

Playing a musical instrument:

Besides just music, these instruments play other beneficial roles too. Playing a musical instrument enhances cognitive skills and academic achievement as they promote several executive functions. Furthermore, it has been found that children who can play a musical instrument have better verbal fluency and processing speed than others in comparison.

Learning a New Language:

Trying your hands on a new language makes your mental task switching capabilities better and stronger. It has been found that bilinguals have better puzzle solving abilities and the tasks that demand more mental work can be performed more effectively by them.




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