Intersting Facts about Ravindra Jain, The Visually Impaired Composer, Lyricist and Filmfare Award Winner Music Director

When someone becomes blind, accidentally or by birth, their whole life apparently gets into the dark. Even the hope of living shatters to a lot and every motivation seems to be of use. When other such people struggle to get their survival on track, this man prepares himself to take on any challenge with ease.

  • Ravindra Jain, the renowned music composer and lyricist were blind right from his childhood, but that never stopped him from fulfilling his dreams and becoming one of the best music composers of the country. He was awarded with a Film fare award for his outstanding work in the field of music.
  • Once when Jain was recording for the film Saudagar, his father died and the news instantly came to the recording studio. Aware of this, Ravindra did not leave the studio until everything was finalised, giving first priority to his passion and dreams.Such determination and passion, isn’t it!
  • Born in the family of well-known Sanskrit Ayurvedacharya and scholar, Pandit Indramani Jain, from which he received his early teachings of singing. At a very young age, when most children don’t even have the basic guts of themselves, Mr. Jain started reciting bhajans at a nearby Jain temple.
  • Jain started his journey to films in 1960 in Kolkata. After 10 years, he was brought to Mumbai by Prathibhushan Bhattacharya where he composed for his films, Kranthi and Balidaan. Ravindra Jain composed songs for numerous successful movies such as Chor machaye shor, Geet Gaata chal, Chitchor, Ankhiyon ke jharokhon se and many more.  Besides this, he also composed for a few non-Hindi movies as well that include Sujatha, Aakashathinte Niram (Malayalam); Mhaara Peehar Saasra (Haryanvi); Chadi Jawani Budhe Nu (Punjabi); Gomti ni Shakhe (Gujarati), Jalsa ghar ki devi (Bhojpuri) , Pati Param Guru (Bengali); Brahmarishi Vishwamitra (Telugu); Pardesi Chadhei jaa debi Sarva Bhuteshu (Oriya), and Educated Binani (Rajasthani).
  • The list of his exceptionally well composition has no ending. He also composed for television and some private albums. Ravindra Jain himself composed and written many Jain bhajans, which have gained appreciation throughout the country.
  • Presently, he is working on various bhajan albums for various Jain pilgrimage centers of the country in coordination with Akshay Jain of Gwalior, who is the son of a North Indian poet and lyricist. Ravindra Jain is married to Divya Jain, whom he met on a promotional event of the film, Saudagar and has a son named Ayushman Jain.

Needless to say, this charismatic personality has proved an inspiration for many and has won numerous awards including the prestigious Filmfare award for the Best Music Director in 1985.

Team Punwadi salutes people like you who never made any compromise with your dreams and emerged as one of the most successful and distinguished human beings across the globe.

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