7 Stereotypes About Delhi University Girls

The University of Delhi is a renowned central University. But the girls of Delhi University are more popular than the University itself. Below are some stereotypes that are common about Delhi University girls.

1. World of Glamour

Obviously DU girls are glamorous! But to generalize it, would be a mistake. Some girls believe in simplicity and glamour is not the most important thing in their lives. There is another world than that of glamour also where DU girls belong.

2. A Rich Boyfriend

DU girls already have a rich boyfriend or they are searching for one. Come on people…Girls can have an individuality of their own. They don’t need a rich boyfriend to survive in this world. Not all girls want expensive gifts, A guy with a BMW and dinners at 5-star hotels every weekend.

3. Crazy for IITians

Who says DU girls are mad after IITians? Most of the IIT guys are geeks; they can’t see anything outside the world of science…who would want a guy like that. No doubt, some IITians are handsome, but not all girls go gaga after them.

4. Lecture Bunker

Lecture Bunking is something that most of the college students can relate with. The girls of Delhi University are not all the same. Seven if some of the girls bunk classes, they still talented to score good marks. Some girls love to attend classes. Studying might be their only hobby. Although that sounds boring…but some girls are like that. So stop stereotyping!

5. Party Freaks

Who doesn’t like to party? So do many DU girls do…but not all. Not all DU girls want to party every Saturday with loud music, drinks and friends. Songs of Honey Singh like “Kudi Saturday Saturday kardi rehendi hai” add to these stupid stereotypes.

6. Wanna Be Models

DU girls are certainly talented and they have the capability to become models but not all of them want to be models. We have female officers, professors, researchers etc from DU. They have a good fashion sense, they carry themselves very well, but that doesn’t mean they all want to become models.

7 .Beauty without Brains

If you think that Delhi University girls are dumb…then you must be one. These girls are here with the same 98% cutoffs just like others. It’s just that these girls are multi-talented. They can study, have fun and carry themselves very well at the same time. Juhi Chawla is one such example. She is from Daulat Ram College, North Campus. She is a popular actress and Miss India.

Stop stereotyping DU girls. They are much more than you think they are. They score better than boys…their sense of fashion is awesome…So don’t underestimate them. If you meet a Delhi University a girl, she will definitely outwit you. Don’t try to restrict their personalities to these stereotypes. They are capable of doing much more than this.

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