8 points to consider before Marriage in 20’s

“Marriage” is considered as a terrorising thought among today’s generation, more likely the generation in their so is the current scenario, where everyone is so much engaged with their personal life that they are not ready to share that freedom and space with someone else. They just want to enjoy their Bachelorhood for a longer 20’s. Marriage reactions are appalling and period and experience things they want to pursue. For them, life is more like “Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara” then “Vivaah”.

It applies to us as well, whenever we see pictures of our friends getting married on various social platforms in their 20’s. The most interesting element in those pictures is that comments section, which is filled with a plethora of What’s, Why’s When’s and How’s. Then comes the relationship experts giving free suggestions like, Is this the right person or the right time, you could have waited, adding more fuel to the inextinguishable fire. And the comments goes on.

But generally speaking, Marriage in 20’s is not a good option, it is the time to explore yourself, to relish your life and do adventures with your friends. So we compiled 8 thoughts to be considered before thinking of getting married to clear off the dubiety of marriage in 20’s. So kill switches off your mundane schedule and go through these points. As they say, you live only once!

1. Freedom is the foremost point

After getting married, you become answerable to everything to your life partner. The questions become more frightening than the task involved like, where are you going? With whom you are going? What time will you be back? And it goes on. Maybe today’s generation is not programmed for these obligations. Also, as an adult and a bachelor, they can do what they want, so the first point is not to spoil the young dynamism and enjoy the bachelorhood for a longer period.

2. Not Ready to Adjust

Adoption is a part of our evolution. We have been adapting to a lot of things since our childhood, but marriage adds another dimension to that. Now you will have to adjust according to your partner, What if he/she is a vegetarian and you are a hardcore chicken, addict. What if he/she won’t like Travelling and the Exploring world and you think of yourself as a vagabond. Adapting these things will ruin your 20’s, the time to explore and learn. So, the point goes with the fact that, celebrate your independence and enjoy it fully, so that you cannot regret it after getting married.

3. Career is Priority

Living in metro and maintaining an opulent lifestyle is not an easy task. Big bucks are meant to be earned for it and for that one should spend his/her youth in building a successful career. Today’s generation wants to stand on their own, they don’t want to build upon each other. So, marriage arises another question, like Will she or he be a Career- Oriented as well? What if the girl or boy you are marrying is nothing but a lazy ass, What if he or she won’t understand your love for your career? So these kinds of not-so-easy questions add another point to your marriage in 20’s.

4. Commitment is not an easy task

People are not easily ready to get hitched and committed in this generation. Maybe they consider each other for marriage, but everyone requires love and affection from their partners to move ahead. What if you are not being pampered as you thought, because marriage comes with a lot of other responsibilities and priorities, and it results in stress which completely screws up youth, and this is not the time for that?

5. Matchmaking is the problem

Another major ritual in our Indian society is Arrange marriages, which as the name suggests is an arrangement in the name of marriage. The biggest problem which is faced by everyone in this ritual is matchmaking. How can you spend your entire life with someone you just met? What about their likes-dislikes, living style, compatibility? Therefore at the end, again you end up adjusting according to your spouse. For which this generation is not prepared at All.

6. Fixed routines and Mundane lifestyle

As we discussed, marriage brings a lot of responsibilities and so is a schedule which everyone has to follow. It involves getting up early, preparing breakfast, going to the office and come back by earliest in evening to spend time with family. This is how wedding life becomes; no excitements and enthusiasm in your life. Late night parties woo off, clubs consider you as a taboo, coz you bring your wife there, restrictions increases and 20’s is not the time to face this situation.

7. Trusting your life partner is the Issue

By the time people get married in 20’s, they have been through a series of ups and down in their relationships. Thus, after seeing it all, trust becomes an issue with the partner. What if the ex shows up, and screws your marriage. What if the lack of interest and high hopes lead your partner to go out and meet someone else. Therefore, they don’t trust their partner easily and put themselves in stress and trouble.

8. Unrealistic Expectations

Marriage comes with many shallow expectations from each other in our society. Money is a factor, lifestyle is a reason and sexual pleasures are a need. Once you go through your marriage, these things become a compulsion to fulfil. Failing these causes conflicts among partners and pressure from parents abolishing faith from the institution called Marriage. Thus, it is better to wait for the right time and person before tying knots and taking pledges.

Marriage is a necessity of life, it brings two persons together to spend the rest of their life, one of the most beautiful relation to cherish, but –  it should be the last adventure in your bucket-list. Dance your heart out, do whatever you want to do in your life, pursue your dreams first and then think of settling down, till then Stay Bachelor, Stay Happy !!

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