This Sanskrit Version Of Cheap Thrills Will Blow Your Mind

Cheap Thrills Sanskrit Version

The Sanskrit version of Cheap Thrills is going viral and blow your mind. For the first time in Indian history, we are listening to a beautiful Sanskrit composition like this.

The song is originally uploaded on a youtube channel “Sanskrit Nirjhar“. The song is sung by Shreyanshula and composed by ‘Shashi Vipin Shukla’.  

According to the description of the channel, the main motive behind this Indian classical version is to promote the Sanskrit Language. In the second half of the song, you will listen to MAAHESHWER SUTRAS (A very famous and Holly Mantra from Sanskrit Grammar).

You might have watched various covers of other Hollywood songs on Youtube. Also, there are plenty of talented youtube Artists Vidya Vox and Sanam Puri etc. It is really a big achievement for this cover that it’s trending on the internet. Because Australian Singer Sia’s “Cheap thrills” song is definitely everybody’s  Top 10 tracks playlist.

Well, you can listen to it by yourself and think over, because Sanskrit wins over any other language. Going forward it might be another Prayer in Sanskrit.

Enjoy! 🙂

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