7 Best Cities for Holi Celebration in India


So finally it’s almost that time of the year when beautiful varied colours fly in the air. Yes! We are talking about Holi, one of the most exciting festivals that is found in different forms in different parts of India. From modern parties accompanied with DJs to traditional rituals, every place has something new to offer.


If you too want to get along with this exciting colourful festival and are looking for some of the best cities to celebrate, the answers are all here. Here comes some of the best Indian cities where celebrating Holi becomes a once-in-a-lifetime experience in itself.


Mathura & Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh

The birthplace of Krishna, Mathura, and the place where he grew up, Vrindavan, has always been on the spotlight when it comes to celebrating Holi with traditional grandeur. With the celebrations starting off from 40 days before the big day, with Vasant Panchami, the celebrations include  throwing off flowers which is also called, Phoolon ka Holi in Vrindavan and a massive Holi procession starting from Vishram Ghat and ending near Holi Gate, in Mathura. Being a big colourful gala affair, photographers from almost all parts of the world flock here to cover the entire exciting event.


Barsana, Uttar Pradesh


Thankfully not all Indian cities let men to roost! Barsana, near Mathura is one of those places where women share an upper hand by beating men with sticks, a celebration which is also known as Lathmar Holi. however, this event takes place one week prior to the main day. For adding more jazz to the enjoyment, get there one week prior to the Lathmar Holi, when you can even get the chance of experiencing Laddoo Holi, when sweets are simply thrown around, while spiritual songs songs are sung, mainly regarding Radha and Krishna.


Shantiniketan, West Bengal

Initiating the celebration of Holi in Shantiniketan, with the name of Basanta Utsav, Rabindranath Tagore introduced this grand occasion as a traditional annual affair in Visva Bharati University. With students getting dressed in spring colours, the celebrations include the general throwing up of colours with a huge cultural program, especially for visitors, which also includes dancing to some of the most popular songs of Tagore.



Want some musical addition in the festival of colours? Hop yourself in Delhi, where Holi turns rowdy and thrilling. With glamorous parties, rain dances, music played by DJs, don’t get scared if you are randomly coloured by children or shopkeepers alike as soon you step outside. Basically, to get your crazy mode on with Holi, Delhi has to be your ultimate destination.


Anandpur Sahib, Punjab

Go royally Sikh by celebrating Hola Mohalla, (hola being masculine term of Holi) at Anandapur Sahib. Tracing its origin back till 1701 and being one of the most awaited annual affairs, Hola Mohalla brings in demonstration of martial arts, turban tying, acrobatic physical exercises and mock sword fights. Although not quite many participants or warriors indulge themselves in flying colours, their colourful attires easily make up for the same.


Hampi, Karnataka

Although Holi is more of a North Indian festival, you can easily grab its adrenaline rush in the city of Hampi, Karnataka. Focussing essentially on religious aspects as well as temple rites, Holi celebrations are held exuberantly for two days. Gathering in the streets, people splash colours while dancing along with the beats of the drums. This one of the top most important Indian heritage sites turns so much colourful that several foreign tourists also enjoy Holi along with the locals.


Mumbai, Maharashtra

And how can we ever miss out the bustling Indian city, Mumbai! Celebrated with great grandeur and enthusiasm, Holi celebrations in Mumbai include lots of Holi parties with several cheesy Holi dance numbers. While most high-profile celebs tend to be the highlights of this annual affair, the local Mumbaikars don’t even lag behind celebrating it. From sending sweets to gifts to each other, almost every Mumbaikar makes sure that they have thoroughly enjoyed the occasion.


So, which city are you heading towards this year?

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