kite festival

The Kite Festival – A Poem written by a Biker

The Kite Festival

The festival of colours 

And the festival of light

Combine them and maybe 

You can feel the happiness of flying a kite

When the blue coloured sky

Gets different colour patches

Looking at the sky, every one feels

As young as an egg hatches 

Be it young or the old

Everyone stays on the roof

To catch the action, the fight

Or some of em just to grove

And when the multicoloured sky

Starts turning grey

Festival isn’t over yet

So does everyone pray!

As the sky goes darker

And the kites come down

Some lanterns touch the sky

Hovering over the town!

The scene is so spectacular 

That no one wanna miss it

But the people who leave the town

Think “Oh! I’m gonna miss it!”

Regardless of religion or caste

Everyone flies kites

Coz it is not hindu or muslim

Nor even the human rights 

This festival is for everyone 

Who ever wants to enjoy

Coz it is the festival of happiness 

And love and joy!

About Author:

This poem was written by Shalabh Sharma, A person in love with bikes & languages.. Teacher by profession and hilarious by nature.  

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