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Salman Khan of Tollywood – Mahesh Babu

Mahesh Babu.. one of the most film industry celebrities is a common name in Tamil Film Industry.

But is still yet unknown in the entire Indian Cinema Fans.

You might recognise him via his photographs.. But today we cover the guy underneath.

Ramesh Babu is an Indian Actor, Producer and Philanthropist to be called the least.


Celebrity Status – WoW

Ramesh Babu been cited the prince of Tollywood, one of the most handsome celebrities in India. He has starred against celebrities like Preity Zinta, Kajal Aggarwal and many others. He has around 3 million followers on Twitter . With his never ending awards like Best Actor by Filmfare which he has not only been nominated but won multitudes of times.



Of course, he has his share of celebration above all Bollywood stars when he made it to 12th position of  Times 50 Most Desirable Men in 2010. But that did not stop this hero from moving to 1st position of that list in 2013.



Though you might think that his celebrity status is limited to movies. But he has done it all.. All major brands are in line to get him on board, we can just list a few.. since we do have word limit to follow 😉

With brands like Thums Up he replaced Akshay Kumar as the brand ambassador across India. He also endorsed brands such as TVS Motors, Provogue, ITC Vivel and many others.




Now we just don’t say that he’s a big celebrity and the one of the most dashing Tamil celebrities. He’s done this while winning hearts of thousands and lakhs of people with his humble and self righteous attitude.

Did you know he gives 30% of his annual income to charities and most of his work is not made official.. Why ?

Because he does not do it for media!

He has donated millions of rupees to cyclone affected places in Andhra Pradesh, he’s the goodwill ambassador for heal a child foundation.. and much more..



So, Next time you are watching his movies.. we hope you know the man underneath and not just what the Director wants to portray on screen… The End 🙂

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