RAEES – 5 Dialogues that will give you the chill


After a long delay and controversies hovering around action & drama Raees, the film is finally hitting the big screen in 2 days and obviously, fans of Shah Rukh Khan are excited to see their superstar and his co-star Mahira khan. These are the moments that inspire you.. gives you the chill…

Here our are 5 top dialogues from Raees that will echo into your mind… Enjoy 🙂


” Koi dhanda chota ni hota.. aur dhande se bada dharm ni “


”  Dhanda band kr de, Warna saans lena bhi band kar dunga ” 


” Gujarat ki hawa mei vyapar hai Sahib. Meri saans toh rok loge.. lekin iss hawa ko kaise rokoge “


” Battery Saala!! “


” Baniye ka dimaag.. Aur miyabhai ki Daring “


And definitely More and not the least



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