Top 5 toxic and funny Bollywood Spoof Videos

We all love spoof nowadays. Whenever a new movie releases, we check out if any of channels like ScoopWhoop, SDE, TVF made any spoof of it. Why people make spoof? Because it’s like a new wine that tastes like the old but has a slightly toxic impact. Especially when there is a controversy about a story, Because criticizing someone is not always a negative thing, it can be funny as well. It depends on individual, whether you want to be some critics or be Chandler Bing. Spoof is all about imitation with humor. Check out some top most controversial/funny spoof videos here:

When CID solved Sunny Leone’s missing panty case:

When Bani & Ranveer’s Befikre is in talk somewhere because of bani’s face surgery

When Salman Asked Leonardo DiCaprio to get settled.

When Marvelous came to India to remake Avengers with Bollywood stars

60 runs in one ball ! Only Rajnikanth can do it.

300 Rise Of Bollywood Spoof – Amir Khan Vs Sharukh Khan


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