10 things you don’t give a fuck, when it’s over!

At some point, you reach an age where you can’t possibly, even if you tried, give any less of a fuck. Everyone goes through that on and off phase in the relationship. But coming out from that trauma is difficult, some take years and some take just a minute if they realize that they were in a one-sided relationship. And sooner you realize, you don’t give a fuck of what people are talking and your Ex is telling people about you two. These are the top 10 things you don’t give a fuck when you know it’s over now. And you are out from that unsuccessful relationship and done with you Ex.


1. You don’t care anymore what People talk behind your back.

2. You don’t give a fuck what Your Ex tells people about you two.

3.You don’t give a fuck about Fashion Rules, and you follow your own rules.

4. You hang out more often happily and don’t think about your Ex

5. You don’t give a fuck about biting your tongue because you are out of that intimacy world now.

6. You don’t regret of your silly mistake because you’re out of big mistake now.

7. You don’t feel offended sharing your pictures with other male friends on social media.

8. You don’t really care what your Ex is doing and to whom he is dating.

9. You are confident to face him and ignore him like a stranger now.

10. You don’t miss him anymore and all you do is learn from your mistakes now.

At the end, it’s just good to get rid of it. Because If he wanted to stay, he would have never left you or talk shits behind your back. LET IT GO! You’re a beautiful woman and you deserve to be happy. So start your life happily. Party Hard! Live your Dreams! and Rock!! 

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