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The God of Small Things – Arundhati Roy

The God Of Small Things

“The God of Small Things”, is an extremely well-written piece of literature. It is difficult to keep the novel down once you start it. Arundhati Roy writes in a very different kind of literature, unusual and never read before. You will love the way the story binds you. A lot of different timelines running together are blended in such a way that nothing appears out of place and never leaves you confused.

The story is set in the time of communism era in Kerala and hints on the complex scenario. The author masters in weaving a story which already discloses the terrible outcomes of the people in it yet keep the reader intrigued as in how it all happens on the first place. The life of the Ayemenem family is sad and at a certain point you feel sad for all the characters but their sharp contrasting behaviors also force you to think whether they could have ever lived an alternate life.

In the midst of the story a lot of important and deep-rooted issues like caste system, different rules for men and women, molestation etc are shown in a manner that you sit back and feel that the world could have been a far better place without it. The story shows how even in a family people can be blind towards each other’s suffering.


The story has some meaningful advice to that Ammu teaches her beloved two-egg twins Rahel and Estha. The two-egg twins are the show stopper they remind you of the innocence childhood gifts you, they show you the world of simple happenings through an imaginative glass and force you to see the complexity of life with a simple approach. How tender children are and how small actions create huge impacts in their life, shaping their personalities and their fears.

A novel that is a must-read if you wish to change your outlook towards life. No doubt the author was awarded for it. Well deserved.

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