10 Stupidest things ever said by Rahul Gandhi

The intellect of this Congress Vice-President has been rejuvenating the humour element in social media for a long time. His disparagers call him “Buddhu”, “Pappu” for all the goof ups he is involved in but when this guy takes over the mic, he is a ridiculously perfect entertainer.  You can hate him or you can love him or you can even bang your head on the wall listening to him. But this 40+ young wonder boy gets a huge round of applause by the congress sycophants every time he opens his mouth. Here are few instances of that stupidity compiled in this blog, so grab pop-corns my friends as it’s going to be a mind numbing Skyfall.

1. Poverty is a state of mind

In one of his recent speeches, Rahul Baba said that Poverty is nothing else but a state of mind.  You should not relate it with the scarcity of food or materialistic things. Confidence is the key to overcoming poverty. Maybe he related it to himself that he is confident but not poor.

2. We can stop 99% of the terrorism, but 1% might get through

After the 2011 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, the Congress vice president came out of his Mumma’s shelter to pay condolences to the victims of the attack. Well, again this low intellect fellow slipped his tongue and said that his government can stop 99% of the terrorism, but 1% error might slip through.

3. Politics is in your shirts, it is in your pants

It is clearly evident from the above statement that Rahul Gandhi does not possess any kind of leadership qualities. During a recent meet with youth in Punjab he tried to encourage them to join politics and just like always, the silver spoon baby tripped with this non-sense statement.

4. Gujarat is bigger that The UK

Rahul Gandhi gave an example of his Geography by blabbering out a fact that, “Gujarat is Bigger than the United Kingdom”, that too at CII meet in front of the business leaders of our country.

5India is bigger than Europe and America combined

In the same CII meet he said, “In fact India is bigger than both Europe and the United States combined.” Well, even a 6-year-old can tell that much difference just by looking at the world map. Hilarious, isn’t it.

6. India is 21st Century Saudi Arabia

Saying something which even you don’t understand and keeping a straight face throughout is an art, which Rahul Baba has perfected over the years. Gandhi junior back stabbed his speech writer when he wrote about the oil potential of 20th century Saudi Arabia to manpower potential of 21st century India, but Mr. Gandhi took a wrong interpretation as always.

7. If India is a computer than congress is its default program

Maybe the Congress Vice-President is getting too many notifications on his phone and computer about set as the default program, which this guy took as a real life example to address party workers at a meet.

8. India is a beehive

Rahul Gandhi goes astray with his speeches beyond abhorrence and the same occurred when he compared India and China as Beehive and Elephant. According to his illogical thinking a Beehive is stronger than Elephant, thus India is a Super-Power.

9. 7 out of 10 youths in Punjab have drug problem

Without considering any facts, the congress leader acclaimed that “7 out of 10 youths in Punjab are facing drug problem”. This stupid fact made him a victim of severe allegations by Akali dal and public questioning his intelligence, which doesn’t exist actually.

10. I am a pilot and I read the curriculum which mentioned “How to drop mails from plane”?

And, this is far the most stupid thing came out of Mr. Gandhi’s mouth during the CII meet. Rahul Baba on the education system in India said,” I am a pilot and when I was given the curriculum, it was written how to drop mails from a plane, has anybody ever received any mail.”  This statement was such a goof up which made no sense at all and was appealing enough to put a nail in your head without any second thought.

Yet this guy is striving hard to become the Prime Minister of India. Is there any bigger LOL moment for us.


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