6 things which tell inter caste marriage is not a crime

Inter caste marriage! one of the major issue in Indian society. It’s very common  that you start liking someone and get close to him or her. there are some logical reasons behind it, such as care, understanding, compatibility, of course, attraction and a dream that you see together makes you feel to love each other more and unconditionally; however, the dream breaks up, when this love thing moves forward and you start thinking of marrying. Since, that’s the only way you can be together forever and live more happily with your love. But wait, did you ask society or your family when you started liking him or her? Did you ever think about casteism?  Are you the one who is thinking to take a stand and speak up about your relationship? If Yes, then simply remember, that it’s not easy at all, you need to go through so much pain and emotional pressure. you might be threatened, or to be blamed for someone’s life or may be more worst than that you ever thought. Don’t be  scared, because here you may see some valid points, that will make you understand that going for inter-caste marriage is not a crime, but it’s a cure of social diseases. See how:

1) Marrying someone from other caste,  is a big step where you come out of your society boundaries and get an opportunity to save the nation in a different way, by serving to a completely new culture and become a bridge to fill a gap between social rivers.

2) When you marry the one, you love most, in that case, your priority is the person, not the belongings. In simple words, inter-caste marriage is helpful to remove dowry system.

3) Love is the most beautiful creation of God.It’s a feeling that makes you feel the importance of someone in your life. You share a common culture and get to know more about each other family and try to give your best to convince each other’s society, to live happily.

4) In our social community, there are many social issues, that are meaningless and just making complications around people. Inter-caste marriage is a remedy to stop this religion/caste fight. Since, you convince two different communities to come under one roof and share views and that’s awful.

5) One interesting fact, about inter-caste marriage, is that now you can produce a qualitative product (Baby. Since, it’s a mutual understanding and your baby will get a good surroundings and will learn additional things from both of its paternal and maternal side.

6) If you see, somewhere your decision of marrying someone from a different caste, is a very big step, as this will reduce your parent’s tension at some extent.

In addition, exceptions are always there, and that too come in arrange marriages as well such as suicide, divorces and blame game. But marrying someone of your choice, makes your life easy and beautiful. And you two souls can make others life happy. So find your soulmate and take a stand, you might face some troubles but remember, it’s not a crime, it’s just some social evils and you need to get rid of it. good Luck!

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