10 South Indian Movies those are now USP of Hindi Movie Channels

Getting bored? Need some entertainment? The answer is South Indian movies. The moment you switch to a Hindi movie channel you will get to watch a South Indian movie dubbed in Hindi for sure. These movies are full of action, drama and entertainment. Children, youth and even old, all love to watch these movies. These are some of the movies that you can find anytime on popular Hindi channels.

1. Shivaji The Boss


Suman, Rajini in Sivaji The Boss 3D Movie Stills

Rajnikant remains the king of South Indian movies. This is a complete package of action, love, drama and fun. You might have watched it several times, but you won’t get bored even the next time you watch it. Fights over the trains, re-incarnation and millions of rupees flying in the air are some of the unbelievable things that you will find in this movie.

2. Dangerous Khiladi


dangerous khiladiThe movie full of romance and action! This movie has also been made into a Hindi movie Bodyguard, still the dubbed version of the original is loved by all.

3. Ragada


The names of such movies might sound a little awkward, but you will not have to compromise on the entertainment. Exaggerated Tollywood action sequences of Nagarjuna in the movie have made it a super hit in Hindi as well.

4. Indra The Tiger

indra the tirgerThis is originally a Telugu film starring Chiranjeevi, a very popular actor in the south India. When you have nothing else to do, this movie can be a really good pass time.

5. Chandramukhi


This Rajnikant starter is a horror movie. The movie is more entertaining than scary. You might like the movie merely for its cast.

6. Sabse Bada Don


This is a story of a guy who dreams of becoming a Don. These kind of movies are entertaining because of the presence of comedy elements. The combination of comedy and action in this movie attracts both children and youth.

7. King No.1


The movie features Superstar Nagarjuna as “King”. The movies like this have made many south Indian heroes the superheroes in the eyes of children. Like most of the South Indian movies, King No. 1 is also an action comedy.

8. Main Hoon Rakhwala



This is again a Cheeranjeevi movie. Sometimes you might also curse the Hindi movie channels for playing the same South Indian movies multiple times. But these movies entertain the people the most.

9. Chirutha


Chirutha means Leopard. The story is based on revenge and love. The names of movies like this will make you think that south Indians are obsessed with animals.

10. Mr. Perfect


This is a tollywood romantic comedy that you will often find on Hindi movie channels.
Sometimes you will have a feeling “Have these channel people run out of Hindi movies?” But south Indian movies these days are the best source of entertainment if are at home and doing nothing. Exaggeration of everything is the essence of these south Indian movies. Due to their value entertainment they have become the USP of even the Hindi movie channels.

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