8 Funny Things about Hindi Daily Soaps

In India, most of the women love to watch daily soaps. These are the USP of the channels like Star Plus, Zee TV, Colors, Sony TV etc. These daily soaps are quite different from Pakistani or English TV Series. They have their own special characteristics. There are many people who also hate these serials. Below are some Funny things about Hindi Daily Soaps.

1. Never Ageing Characters

Have you seen Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi? When the serial started the character Baa was around 85 years old. By the end of the serial, her age must have been around 250. But, she managed to look the same even then. In other serials also, the heroines become mothers and then grandmothers but they look the same.

2. A number of Marriages

You never know how many marriages are going to take place in a serial. If you have missed the show for a week, you won’t understand who got married to whom. In the serial Balika Vadhu, Jagdish marries thrice. In Kasauti Zindagi Ki, Prerna marries two guys at least four times. She keeps alternating between the two of them.

3. The Shocks

The echoes and shocks are the specialities of Indian Hindi Daily Soaps. Whenever there is a shocking thing in the serial, it is compulsory to take close up of each and every character with their shocking expressions. The echoing three times is also the most common thing… Kya Kya Kya!

4. Rebirths

It is very common for any character to come back after they are dead. The characters even come back along with a new face with plastic surgery. In the serial Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, the lead character Mihir comes back thrice after dying. .

5. Buckets full of Tears

The only thing that the actresses of the daily soaps have to do is crying. No matter if it is good news or a bad one, they are supposed to cry. There is no single episode in the serial Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai when the lead actress Akshara doesn’t cry. She is popular for her watery eyes.

6. Sacrificing Heroines

The heroines of these daily soaps are the epitome of sacrifice. They are supposed to care for others and not to think about themselves. They make foolish decisions in the name of sacrifices.

7. Sleeping along with make-up

Can you imagine somebody sleeping with their makeup on? Not only makeup, even jewellery. Jodha from the serial Jodha Akbar puts on heavy jewellery and makeup. She even sleeps in the same attire. Don’t know how these actresses manage with such heavy costumes and jewellery.

8. Special Music

It seems that Indian Hindi Daily Soaps give more importance to the vamps. There is a special music that plays every time at the entry of the villain. In the serial Kasauti Zindagi Ki, the vamp Kamolika was the best dressed and particular music was played in the background whenever she entered and talked. Even the costumes and makeup of the villains are taken care of really well.

No matter how funny and idiotic these things are about the daily soaps, Indian audience loves to watch them. These serials begin with some interesting plot and theme but ultimately all of them turn out to be the typical SAAS-BAHU shows. Even those with some social agenda become the same after some time. The core of these serials remains to be the planning and plotting by the negative characters. Anyways they have really high TRPs. The producers of these daily soaps are earning really well!

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