Watermelon Boy Rises to fame after eating it all

Do you like watermelon, I do as it is tasty and refreshing, but can you eat a whole watermelon alone, that too with skin? A 10-year-old Australian boy did it, he ate a whole watermelon, including its skin, at a cricket game in Melbourne, Australia. The boy’s video has gone viral in no time and he has achieved cult status after his stunt.

Mitchell Schibeci was captured on live television enthusiastically munching on the fruit as he watched the Melbourne Stars-Melbourne Renegades clash at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Saturday. Commentators at the MCG were shocked to see him chomping into the fruit, skin and all. Soon, the hashtag #watermelonboy began trending on Twitter.

The People magazine said, kid eating an entire watermelon at a cricket game is the ‘First Internet Hero of 2016’. Mitchell, now dubbed as the “watermelon boy”, told the BBC that he devised the stunt to get his face on the game’s big screen. He said that eating the whole watermelon was tougher than expected.

Here is the video

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