92-year-old Bhanumathi Rao’s Bhartnatyam Performance will force you to bite your nails

I have seen people wondering when they see Hema Malini performing Kathak so gracefully in her sixties, but what if I tell you that there is a woman 92-year-old, who do Bharat Natayam with the same energy and grace. Let me introduce you to Bhanumathi Rao, a silver haired, wrinkled lady, who has aged gracefully, who transforms on stage into a graceful Yashoda calling out to baby Krishna in the classic Bharatanatyam piece, titled ‘Krishna ni begane baaro’. The lady attracted a lot of fans after a video of her performing in Bangalore in December was uploaded on Facebook by her daughter, Maya Krishna Rao, which went viral in no time. The dancer had turned 92 recently.

The age took a toll on Bhanumathi’s hearing, sight and memory have weakened. But what will mesmerize you is the rythm which with she performs the piece. Her Bharatanatyam and fusion performances became a part of the Big Apple’s art buzz and she attracted foreign and Indian audiences in huge numbers — among them Jawaharlal Nehru — to her shows.

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