Are we really independent? answer after reading it!

After 69 years of independence, still we, Indians are not independent. Do you agree on this? Let’s take a look around, this is Independent India where one girl get raped in every 30 minutes. Moreover, she is damn dependent on her own people and in some cases not even safe with those own people. She doesn’t have that so called, “FREEDOM”. She can’t hang out with her friends late evening for movies or dinners. Yes, India is Independent, but it’s really sad to accept that bitter truth that our daughters, sisters & mothers, are not independent in our own country.


If you go back in the history, you’ll feel proud that there was a time when India was famous for its culture & tradition and hospitality & mostly giving respect to women. But, today some morons have put us down and now nothing is there no culture, no tradition, no hospitality, no respect for women.

A survey says that in our Independent India girls/women who were raped were from 2 months to 95 years old. Here is the question for those people, who said that Girls wear short dresses and that seduce them, and that’s the main reason they get raped! SAD! But what about that 2 months baby girl and 90-year-old lady? It’s neither her dress nor her looks. It’s the evil mentality that these morons has with them. Now I can see, there is “FREEDOM” for criminals like Zunaid and his rest of partners who raped Damini and killed her. And there many more Damini in our country, they can’t raise the voice against the crime or they are forced to keep silent.

rape case

But the question is what we are doing? And Is there any way to make our country really Independent for everyone including kids, women, widows, old people and everyone.

“What punishment should be given to rapist?” This was the question asked in a survey and almost every answer was same, as follows:

2. Lifetime imprisonment
3. Hang till death
4. Handover to public
5. There should be a court for immediate action against them.

What is your opinion on this? Share with your friend let’s figure out a solution!

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